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Review #1, by KitKat Short Story

30th May 2005:
That was really beautiful.and as for the taster for the next it out yet??!! What IS Wendsday?!? ~BYZies

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Review #2, by tragicsleep Short Story

5th May 2005:
and also,i really like the sample of the other story here.sounds really good.will you continue it?

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Review #3, by tragicsleep Short Story

5th May 2005:
that took my breath away.

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Review #4, by TheScarlettLetter Short Story

4th February 2005:
Very soft and quiet. I enjoyed the tone =)

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Review #5, by pheobepatil Short Story

24th November 2004:
WOW! that was a lovely story!

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Review #6, by Turtle... need I say more? Short Story

4th November 2004:
Probably the fifth hundredth time I've read this but the first time I actually bothered reviewing. I'm so lazy. Anyway, like with books I read, every time I read this I notice something different.... recently it was how much I love the smell of Kailua. Mmm, Kailua. I also like how it wasn’t all fluffy bunnies and strawberries and cream… and I didn’t finish reading it by saying, “Father, Daddy… Saylie wrote a story and it was all sqweemy.” It was one of those stories that left my face schmooshed up against the screen until I read every last word. Very in depth as to what’s going on in Potter’s head…. I wanna give him a hug, but that’s just me. I give everybody hugs; yup, I’d even hug Voldie and ask him to buy me ice-cream. Hehehe, I’ve blabbered on too much…. But I know how much you just love to hear my beautiful voice (even though here I ain’t really talking). Well, it was a great read… can’t wait for your next story. Must be off, have to get my brother to pry my face away from the computer screen with a pancake spatula or otherwise father “Luci” will have a fit (you know how he is when it comes to certain technology). Love ya always. Katie-Marie.

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Review #7, by Loriency Short Story

1st November 2004:
that. was. beautiful. there are no words to describe it. also, for how grateful i am. you gave me an idea for my story, lol, so i'm extremely grateful for that. but back to yours...that was amazing! wicked awesome, beautiful, touching, sweet, sad, sorrowful, descriptive, and full of love, lol. i'm trying to write something like that, but i'm not the best, so i'm hoping you'll write more. amazing job on that, cya

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Review #8, by AnneLeigh86 Short Story

8th October 2004:
oh my gosh, this story made my CRY! I absolutely loved it, I couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen for a single second. Everything described in this story, I can actually picture it in my mind.This is so beautifully written and so powerful, congratulations on an AMAZING story! 10/10!

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Review #9, by : ( Short Story

8th August 2004:
how sad... isn't it completed though? Great story... but soooo sad *snif*

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Review #10, by emily_ Short Story

6th August 2004:
Hmmm... Very good!!!

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