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Review #1, by Kya Yamiko Her Secret

12th August 2007:
i love your story, i cant wait to read more, i was just wondering what you name meant? my email is Kya

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Review #2, by BabyBlueGChick Her Secret

20th May 2007:
you should finish it really good

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Review #3, by Dark Princess 06 Her Secret

3rd August 2006:

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Review #4, by Mya Malfoy Her Secret

18th February 2006:

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Review #5, by harrypotter151 Her Secret

29th September 2005:
awwwwwwww maaaaaaaa gooooooood u have to update asap that was fantastic i loved it ur a gr8 writer please please pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase update soooooooon

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Review #6, by harrypotter151 Wanting to Change

29th September 2005:
i love storys like these when hermione changes that was a gr8 start that was reallyt good i loved it that was fantastic i loved it

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Review #7, by BaybeStrawberry Her Secret

20th June 2005:
Oh it is so good i love it oh i cant wait tell the next chapters!!!

Author's Response: Thanks and i will update soon i just have writers block...:(

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Review #8, by AJ Her Secret

30th May 2005:
hey omg i luv this its soooo good u have to update like now plzzz! heres my e-mail tell me when u up plzzz plz and thanks

Author's Response: Thanks i'll keep you posted and i'll update soon it's just that i have alot of scholl work!

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Review #9, by Frey Thompson Her Secret

4th April 2005:
Excellent! Keep up the awesome work! Is Draco and Hermione gonna end up together? What about Thomas? Update soon please!

Author's Response: I will but you'll have to read to find out!

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Review #10, by Gracie Her Secret

2nd March 2005:
OOOOOO pretty! I love it. It's really good. But i thought Lucious(sp) had his soul sucked out? Didn't it say in the beginning?

Author's Response: Yeah lolz i screwd that up .

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Review #11, by Faythe Her Secret

5th January 2005:
Interesting plot! I'll be waiting for what happens next.

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #12, by KRIS:) Her Secret

29th December 2004:
Tarara.....ra WOW i love your story expecialy because i have the last name Zanthe and Blaise is the best... You called me Kiki? were did ya get that ......plz plz plz contineu or i'll hurt you personaly...lolz jk i just got into it and it's the last chapter:( plz update soon see ya at home Wuv Kris or Kiki...lolz

Author's Response: Its Lillie you dolt. YOUR COUSIN! Tara's been busy...she didnt write this one

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Review #13, by draco_lover Her Secret

6th November 2004:
the story is GREEAAT!! the plot is AMAAAZIING!! i just love the stories wherein Hermione is pictured as HOOT and Draco as well. Keep it up and i hope,no wish,that there will be a LOT of 'hot scenes' between Draco and Hermione, Kris and Blaise and Tara and Harry. love the story! update!update!! mwah!!

Author's Response: Thanks, and there will be a couple of hot scenes... but you'll have to wait... muhuhuhuhahaha i love to keep people in suspence!

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Review #14, by gymmnky16 Her Secret

5th November 2004:
ummm no... i really love your story!! dont get me wrong!! but like.. i dont like the fact that harry and tara are sharing a tower.. its kinda hard to explain.. like in my head it makes sense but like putting it into actually words is kinda tough.. cuz i think kris and tara should share a tower.. cuz they are like best friends.. and harry and taras relationship shouldnt be going so fast.. i think they should take it slow.. thats why they should be in different towers.. do u get what im saying?? but dont get me wrong.. I LOVE YOUR STORY! IT ROCKS!! CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW CHAPTER! SO EXCITED!!

Author's Response: i was a tough decision for me...but if tara and kris are sharing a tower, her and blaise's relationship wont excell, Dumbledore wanted tara and harry to share a tower because tara will always have the possibility of turning bad, like his daughter because its in her blood, and he doesnt want to lose a grandaughter.....and nothing is going to happen for a long time, its going to pretty clean between tara and harry, because harry really doesnt seem like the kind of person to know anything about girls in the books, and they're mostly going to talk when they're in the tower....sorry....i cant change it.....dont hate me!

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Review #15, by PepsiTwist Her Secret

5th November 2004:
Nice chapter! Please review soon!

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #16, by Elizabeth Yeah right

5th November 2004:
Who would ever think that FREAKS with tattoos and piercings are PRETTY. They are obviously taking drugs. They are BITCHES and SLUTS! They are as ugly as a cow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: If you dont like "freaks" with tattoo's and piercings, and think they're sluts...dont read the censoreding story! The point is to review the STORY, not criticise my characters,and by the way I have tattoo's and piercings...freak i dont mind...but bitch and slut is not something i take to lightly, so dont bug me, and im sure you;re not that pretty...slut.

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Review #17, by razcat Her Secret

5th November 2004:
ooo that was good u did a wounderful job that was a great chap... all of them were.... i cant wait oto read more...

Author's Response: thanks and don't be shy to give me ideas always like to get those... lolz anyways happy reading and i'll update soon!

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Review #18, by razcat Tara Andromeda Riddle

4th November 2004:
oh my god i love this story its just so great.. i really cant wait to read more... oh man i have to go i hope u put the next up asap... oh yeah i think u would become a relaly great writer..... ill be waiting..

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Dont worry all. I'm just putting the finishing touches on chapter five right now.

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Review #19, by gymmnky16 Tara Andromeda Riddle

3rd November 2004:
awww! i really liked this chapter! ur spin on the voldemort/harry thing is really cool and unique!! this is one AWESOME story! and i loved how u did different point of views... oo and the draco/harry relationship is really great 2!! CANT wait for the next chapter! I LOVE IT!

Author's Response: thanks i will update once i have the chance. :)

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Review #20, by gymmnky16 Yeah right

1st November 2004:
so happy u finally updated!! lol.. i really LOVED this new chapter!! it was funny.. lol!! i CANT wait for the next chapter!! i hope it comes out faster than this one!! CANT wait! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Author's Response: sorry i haven't been updateing i've been of track at school lately and totally forgot about the story so now Kris is going to finish it or just add a few cahps. here nd there. Happy reading.

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Review #21, by gymmnky16 A reunion

6th October 2004:
OOOO.. well still.. dont scare me like that!!! lol.

Author's Response: lolz

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Review #22, by gymmnky16 A reunion

2nd October 2004:
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! NO NO NO!! is all i can say!! grrrrrrr i thought this was gunna be a draco/hermione story!! lol.. me no likey tara! she stole the sexiest man alive from hermione! lol.. grrr buddy! I LOVE THE STORY! PLEASE HURRY WITH THE NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: LOL! Dont worry. Tara doesn't steal Draco. They're just good friends before. hermione had told her that she hated draco malfoy, so she had kept it a secret that they were friends, when tara hugged him, she whispered to 'play along' or something along the lines, so she could freak out hermione

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