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Review #1, by MadamePuddifoot harry's decision

30th June 2011:
I think you have a really clever idea here, and would love to see how it develops! You've really captured Harry's innocence at the start of the series!

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Review #2, by elle21 harry's decision

2nd December 2005:
wow!!!! now this is really differebt!!! does this mean that voldermort will win?? i like it alot!

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Review #3, by crystal allan harry's decision

13th August 2005:
I like this story. It has a very good line to it - update soon ; )

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Review #4, by madds_whitetrash harry's decision

23rd May 2005:
thats my user name up there. i was wondering.......if you cold check out my storys? lol. i dont have many nice reviews (check for urself) and i think your story is really cool. =D could we have more chapters please? im interested to see what happens next! whoo! yea, like i said, i think your story is awesome, great idea. lol. ok im rambling now. sorry......ill just..go. =D

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Review #5, by neji harry's decision

8th May 2005:
well its to early to say any thing put id still like to see more

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Review #6, by FallingAngelDemon harry's decision

7th May 2005: seems interesting so far!!! -FAD-

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Review #7, by Deadly_sins_Snape harry's decision

29th September 2004:
Hey this story is really good! i would just LOVE to see where you take this. PS i HATE ron lol

Author's Response: thanks lol i don't mind ron but i like draco so much more :)

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Review #8, by We are MAD harry's decision

30th August 2004:
Cool. We like the idea. It has started really well. We will be reading when you update.

Author's Response: thanks sorry i havent updated yet uni been so hectic wonce exams are over ill be updating like mad lol that's half way through november

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Review #9, by riaJem harry's decision

16th August 2004:
hey! well this is an interesting twist of idea's! i could develop into something great, especially since i love ron! lolz. i've added a new chappy if you're still interested, keep on going with this! best of luck; riaJ

Author's Response: ohh thanks been busy with uni so havent had a chance to write another chapter yet but should have one up by the end if the week. will go read your next chapter now thanks again:) teresa

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Review #10, by dueling darlin harry's decision

10th August 2004:
This seems very interesting and unique! It's very creative everyone wonders if things were different! Great Job!

Author's Response: thanks its something i have thought about a bit and wanted to try and see how it went

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Review #11, by Lostedindreams harry's decision

10th August 2004:
So this is pay back! Tell me why you didn't like my fic and help me out! And get other people who like slash to review it! And what the censored is your fic about?! Is it slash!?

Author's Response: hey i havent read your story yet and i dont give bad reviews if i dont like a story i wont be rude to the auther sorry about that the auther who gave you the bad review is named jordan not teresa_jordan sorry. my story is just trying to show what would have happened if harry befriended malfoy insted of ron i will read ytour story and let you know what i think ok :) no heard feelings :)

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