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Review #1, by Laks Epilogue

15th March 2011:
I really loved the story

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Review #2, by angie Epilogue

15th April 2008:
ooo sequel please!! :D This is a fabulous story. :D

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Review #3, by Ron is my hero Epilogue

21st February 2008:
What I think is it's...fantastic!!! Fun to read and just brilliant! I love how you portrayed the characters! I like this story a lot and it was just perfect!
1 billion/10

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Review #4, by curr Epilogue

19th July 2007:
that plot was a little strange
but it was amazing
i dont know how you came up with it
but dont really care haha
it was good

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Review #5, by megan_wolff Epilogue

26th January 2007:
I really liked this. :-)

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Review #6, by _alechia_ Chapter One

5th August 2006:
this is starting to get a bit like the movie 13 going on 30... is that where you got the idea?

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Review #7, by EvertheSame Epilogue

6th July 2006:
I luuuuurve it! It's absolutely adorable! I think it would have also been a good story if you'd devoted a couple chapters to each relationship and then ended it with Hermione coming to a decision...kinda like what you did but longer!

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Review #8, by Tonksz_patronus Epilogue

21st February 2006:
hey i know u've probably been done with this story for some time now but i just stumbled across it and i thought it was a really sweet story and you did it very well! I really enjoyed reading it!

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Review #9, by Ally Epilogue

28th December 2005:
I absolutly loved this story!

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Review #10, by oliver wood is sooo hot Epilogue

6th December 2005:
um well t was weird but i liked it

Author's Response: EXACTLY what I was going for. weird. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #11, by Anne Epilogue

8th November 2005:
What an awesome story I want a sequel!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks very much for reading and reviewing my story. I'm so happy that you liked it. But at the time I'm not working on a sequel. Maybe in the future.

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Review #12, by MAndy Chapter Five

8th November 2005:

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and taking to the time to leave me a review but right now I'm not going to be writing a sequel for this fic. I'm currently writing a Harry/Hermione fic called Not the Way it's Supposed to Be and that is taking most of my time.

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Review #13, by christine1912 Epilogue

26th August 2005:
Awwww. Very cute. I'm glad she chose Ron.

Author's Response: Thanks! Of course she would choose Ron...I mean who else is perfect for her?!?!

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Review #14, by luckykitty89 Epilogue

10th August 2005:

Author's Response: Thanks! Thanks!

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Review #15, by fairgirl Epilogue

2nd August 2005:
wow....very good plot very interesting, i loved it.congratulations!

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

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Review #16, by Friday Epilogue

5th July 2005:
Amazing Plot. I loved this story. Good job in making the characters plausible! They stayed true to their Hogwarts selves.

Author's Response: Aww thanks. I try hard to keep the characters themselves and also to make them grow into older people. Its actually kinda hard. Thanks so much for leaving me a sweet review and for reading my story.

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Review #17, by GreatestGryffindor Epilogue

25th June 2005:
wow!!!I loved that!!!!!

Author's Response: Glad you did. Thanks.

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Review #18, by chloe Prologue

11th May 2005:
oh god what did ginny do! i like it so far

Author's Response:'ll have to read and find out! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by u dont need to noe Epilogue

7th May 2005:
great story person!!!really!u have a totally vivid sense of really like to talk to u somtime.if u find a spare moment,mail me at

Author's Response: I sent you an email. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #20, by LoveSpells Epilogue

24th April 2005:
This story is so cute lol, *Sighs* too bad it ended. I've read a few of your stories some which also need to be updated to!! ~*Ellie*~

Author's Response: OH yes! I know! I'm working on my next chapter for Harry Potter and the Serpents Sphere and it should be up soon. Thanks so much for reading my stories and leaving me reviews!

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Review #21, by bluegirl Epilogue

24th April 2005:
cool story. i liked it alot!-blue

Author's Response: Aww Thank you sooooooo much!

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Review #22, by psychofreak Epilogue

20th April 2005:
You know what I forgot to mention! SEQUEL! I saw it in the other chapter and I didn't mention it! Hey, maybe I can help you with it, after you graduate! That would be awesome...and you can help me with mine, that's if I don't get a replacement and fast! lol. Good luck with finals! Peace Out!!

Author's Response: Wow! You left me a review and I havent seen it until just now. I would love to start a sequel to this story but I seriously need to finish HP and the Serpents Sphere before Half Blood Prince comes out BUT I do want to and I definitely want you help me with it as well as I will definitely help with yours...just let me know when you need help and you know that I'm always willing!

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Review #23, by Dragon Girl Epilogue

4th April 2005:
aww yey they all lived happily ever after.

Author's Response: Of else would I end it? Thanks for reading my story and for taking the time to leave me wonderful reviews!

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Review #24, by Dragon Girl Chapter Five

4th April 2005:
well hes right, about bloody time! so sweet.

Author's Response: Exactly! Dang-it!

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Review #25, by Dragon Girl Chapter Four

4th April 2005:
yey she is going back! that was confusinf for a minute.

Author's Response: Yea I wanted it to be confusing but I'm glad that it worked!

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