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Review #1, by OneDamselsKiss Beautiful Soul

2nd September 2006:
Awwwww!!!!! its really really cute!!! i think u did a wonderful job!! a few spelling errors in there but it was still really really good!

X's nd O's

The Damsel Of Distress

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Review #2, by Brittney Malfoy Beautiful Soul

14th January 2006:

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Review #3, by antlers Beautiful Soul

3rd December 2005:
ummm i think that you shouldve made it clearer that it was a letter. and maybe put a backstory in. but other than that, i liked it and though that the song fit your story.

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Review #4, by xlivexlovexdreamx Beautiful Soul

11th November 2005:
HEy its me rosette. the chik dat writes pain for your love. i told you id read your songfic even though im not really into them. so here i am!!! This is great. i absolutely love Jesse mccartney like you wouldnt believe lol neways bak to da subject great sonfic i loved it lol its going to favourites. oh yh in songfics is like got chapters like normal ff or is like a one shot thing??? ive just never read them!! lol bii

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Review #5, by Riley Beautiful Soul

17th August 2005:
That was so sad and VERY SWEET!

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Review #6, by abby Beautiful Soul

10th August 2005:
ooohh that was sweet! i love jesse mccartney he's hot ya know! glad you used his song! brilliant-- or as ron would say,"bloody 'ell that was briliant!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #7, by BrokenFairie Beautiful Soul

11th July 2005:
aww that is the cutest thing aww im gonna cry *tear*

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Review #8, by Kellie Beautiful Soul

23rd May 2005:
wow i loved it so much it was good for ur first one...anyways i liked

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Review #9, by sweetashoney2004 Beautiful Soul

14th April 2005:
I love that song, and it was a great fic!

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Review #10, by kelsie222 Beautiful Soul

5th April 2005:
It's very cute! good job.

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Review #11, by Abe Beautiful Soul

22nd March 2005:
The Story was really cute and well written, but the word is because, not cuz. ( i think it would make the story better)

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Review #12, by GothicAnn87 Beautiful Soul

31st August 2004:
I loved this Draco/Hermione song fic you made. It was great with Jesse M. song lyrics. I have my own Draco/Hermione story-song fic if you'd like to check it out. I hope that you'll r/r it for me please.

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Review #13, by mmmplhagh Beautiful Soul

30th August 2004:
-sobs- awwwww.... -sobs again- that was great -once more- -sniff- seriously, that was really well written...

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Review #14, by sarah b Beautiful Soul

3rd August 2004:
that was so good! I like the plot idea, it's great, as usual. I still don't believe most of the Draco/Hermione fics where he's all in love but since this is when he's older, it's more believable. like maybe he's looking back and having regrets, instead of caught up in the school atmosphere. you're very good at writing these sort of angsty fics (this wasn't exactly angsty, but you get my point), where the characters can't have what they want. so yeah, I'm babbling. A LOT. So I'll shut up but 10/10!

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Review #15, by Brittney Beautiful Soul

3rd August 2004:
hey it was really good although i am not nor will i ever be a draco/hermione shipper, it was really good cause i luv jesse mccartney!! good song!!

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