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Review #1, by Kirsten N/A

20th September 2012:
This is an good story! It would be even if it wasn't written at 1a.m. However not much really happens in it.
Keep writing,

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Review #2, by BOUNCE N/A

17th February 2007:

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Review #3, by Weasley twins rock N/A

22nd December 2006:
Interesting. I haven't read much about Molly and Arthur at school before. Just to let you know that Molly has two brothers. I think they are older than her, I'm not sure though. Can't remember their names though. Fabian and something Prewett.

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Review #4, by Potterville N/A

9th June 2005:

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Review #5, by Stephania N/A

11th March 2005:
liked it? LOVED it!

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Review #6, by kay N/A

5th March 2005:
Cute story! Keep it up!

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Review #7, by Briana N/A

12th October 2004:
i actually quite liked dat. itz mai fantasy where a boi really duz like me........*runs off thinking but runs into a wall*

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Review #8, by Susanna Nicholson N/A

4th August 2004:
You're right that is DAMN cute! Awww, people rarely right about Arthur and Molly-I love Glinda and Galinda, clever idea! If you write like this at 1AM, I cant wait to read what u write during the day! lol, man, u shud do a story about those 2, it'd be so cute! ok, im gonna shut up now :p Thanks for your reviews! Zana

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