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Review #1, by GoldenGirl Chapter One: You Siriusly Stink.

10th February 2005:

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Review #2, by Amy (the mother) *dies* lmao Chapter One: You Siriusly Stink.

25th September 2004:
See! Frank thinks its nice! Write more on it cuz u love me! *doesnt expect much and ponders on who frank is* Like my name? lmao

Author's Response: Hey Amy! Hahahah! You know how lazy I am. I don't wanna write more. So far I'm winning our little bet! Get started on your 2 chapterrrrrrs!!!! Frank is a friend from school. Love the name! Call me!

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Review #3, by Frank Chapter Three: Strike Back

17th September 2004:
This is Frank, from CCC That's awesome! I can't wait to read more. The plot is very orignal and very exciting. I really like the their witty remarks. Good job. I have one suggestion. Usually when characters talk, they are seperated into a new paragraph when it switches to a new character speaking. (Example: "yada yada yada" said Jerry deviously, as he ploted. "That's nice" responded Jim)

Author's Response: Hey Frank! Thanks! I don't really think it's that good, but thank you!

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Review #4, by Amy the Toucan Chapter Three: Strike Back

3rd August 2004:
I appreciated your next chapter. lol I will be your special regular reviewer. ^_^

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Review #5, by Amy your toucan Chapter One: You Siriusly Stink.

2nd August 2004:
I love your banner!

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Review #6, by AIMfreaks Chapter Two: Dig in!

31st July 2004:
*GASP* U GOT ANOTHER CHAPTER UP!..as if I'm not actually talking to u right now telling u all of this... the next one must come out now...especially since I know who the 3 people are...*looks innocent*

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Review #7, by Amy Chapter One: You Siriusly Stink.

30th July 2004:
That was funny. What else is new? hehe

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Review #8, by LilyRosePotter Chapter One: You Siriusly Stink.

29th July 2004:
Wow, I sure wouldn't want to smell Sirius right now. I feel really bad for him. Having to smell like that then again it sounds like he's used to smelling but still I feel bad. This was a great chapter. You might want to space it out more. So it's easier to read. I wonder who the girls are. Lily's in it, isn't she? Well that's just my guess. Sorry I rabble to much! Whenever I get a chance to review I go on and on. Anyway I give it a 8. Good job! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!!! *Takes her 8 and runs to the mountains* I don't think I'll put Lily in the prank group because well...she's against that with Snape anyhow. I think maybe all new characters. Oh I don't know! Tune in next time! I'll figure something out!

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