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Review #1, by Lucrisha Spawncinders Draco Malfoy

18th July 2007:
Good poem. Hmm..., so Malfoy is good?

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Review #2, by Jenner2 Severus Snape

2nd February 2007:
Your short poems were an interesting twist compared to most of the other stories here. I really enjoyed reading them, and I wish that you would continue on with more of them. You really seem to have a knack for picking up on how the different characters react to him and what they think of them.

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Review #3, by beckie Draco Malfoy

6th March 2006:
i dnt think draco wud call ginny by her first name noramlly its lil weasley soz i ad 2 point dat out

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Review #4, by SmDvb13 Ron Weasley

20th November 2005:
ummmmm cute?

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Review #5, by Miss. Anony Mus Severus Snape

6th November 2005:
I like them alot. [grin] Snape's is funny, and most of the others are at least somewhat touching.

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Review #6, by Sirius_Black_4eva Severus Snape

4th May 2005:
i just read thought all the poems, and although im not a big fan of poetry, i liked them. gd job :D

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Review #7, by harryluvshermione Ginny Weasley

21st April 2005:
beautifully written, but i dont like Harry with ginny.

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Review #8, by madds Albus Dumbledore

26th March 2005:
i think its really great - you should do some more of them =)

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Review #9, by Zohra Albus Dumbledore

2nd January 2005:
Aww! I think this is really nice and that you put alot of good time into it! BRAVO! :D

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Review #10, by periwinklepuff Albus Dumbledore

23rd December 2004:
I like this chapter.I think thats how dumbledore really feels and its really good . Keep updating!!

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Review #11, by me Albus Dumbledore

27th November 2004:
this is great ,put some more up soon

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Review #12, by gin Albus Dumbledore

21st August 2004:
-sniffs- that -sniffs again- was -sniffs a third time- DEPRESSING! -bawls- and very well written. :-)

Author's Response: My first review!!! I'm ssoo excited! You are my very first reviewer! Finally someone took the time to review that! Thank you thank you!!

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