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Review #1, by Mimaligrl2012 A House of Cards

4th April 2012:
Oh my goodness. This piece is incredible. I have yet to read a fanfiction this well written and interesting. I have never thought about all that you wrote until I read this. Truly an amazing piece of writing.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! I'm honestly flattered by your review. Thank you for stopping by and telling me how much you enjoyed my story. :)

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Review #2, by NeverKnew A House of Cards

16th March 2012:
I don't really know what to say. The story itself is thought provoking. But like some of the other reviewers, (and yourself by the looks of it) I think that it could be better. Still I understood it, I myself think like Sirius does in this fic - like you did that night.- Anyway, well written, and a beautiful concept.

Author's Response: I haven't reread this in years, but yes, I'm sure it could be better. I was young when I wrote this, if that's any kind of legitimate excuse. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a review!

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Review #3, by lizmusic45 A House of Cards

9th September 2011:
Wow. I'm going to say that you write the thoughts of Sirius Black really well.

I love stories that are mainly thought, because when you write thought they are aloud to think about whatever they want with no one saying that's weird.

How he talked about his friends, how he talked about Lily it was all so touching. I thought you did a very good job!

This was another great one-shot, and you capture him (Sirius) so well. I'm going to have to give you another high score for this one.



Author's Response: Gosh, this fic is so old. I'm always embarrassed when people read it. I'm glad you liked it though! I'm not sure how I feel about all thought fics...I think if they're written correctly they can be excellent but sometimes I like dialogue to break up the monotony of monologues.

I'm glad you liked my characterization of Sirius. He's one of my favorite characters to write so it's always nice to hear people enjoy my stories. Thanks so much!

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Review #4, by Cleopatraa A House of Cards

10th August 2011:
Happy Ravenclaw Wednesday!
Wow this story has a lot of reviews but I can see why actually. This was incredible good you know fro this kind of stories. This was really a good insight to what it would be like alone in Azkaban in the eyes of Sirius Black. I mean itís very good for his kind and I can imagine this could really go on through his mind. It was very deep but I found it a bit boring to be honest with you. Itís not really my kind of thing but your insight on this was truly brilliant
-Cleopatra ( Slytherin)

Author's Response: Sorry it wasn't your type of reading material and you found it boring, but thanks for reading and reviewing anyway!

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Review #5, by academica A House of Cards

5th August 2011:
What a great piece! I love the idea that the Marauders are a unit that falls apart if one of the components withdraws from it.

Your characterization of Sirius was just brilliant. I love his thoughts on each of his friends. James was the fearless leader, Sirius's other half. Remus was too kind to ever really do something so horrible as what Sirius suspected him of. And Peter, well, who knows how he even became a Marauder? Also, his comments on Lily were touching.

I also loved how he kept returning to the realization that he was in Azkaban, slowly becoming immersed in his thoughts. It was very poignant to watch him reconsider everything he'd ever thought, like how good of a friend Peter really was in the end. Poor thing, he has to live with those doubts forever.

Great work! :)

academica (Slytherin)

Author's Response: Ah, an oldie but a goodie, apparently At least the 160 reviews seems to think so. Seriously. How does a one-shot even get that many reviews? It's crazy!

I think it's Azkaban can break a man, and I don't want to say it's fun to write, but it kind of is. You have a lot of freedom with it, as the prisoners lose their minds, you can kind of get away with saying a lot of weird stuff. Pretty sure that fic was the end product of some stream of consciousness writing.

Thanks for reviewing! Again! :)

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Review #6, by Bookworm045 A House of Cards

5th August 2011:
This is incredibly fascinating. It was really depressing, but I didn't feel a whole lot of sad while I read it. I was more intrigued; you captured, what I imagined Sirius like in prison, absolutely perfectly. He was a teeny bit rambly, but mostly stayed on track, and his thoughts were consumed with his friends and Peter's betrayal. He almos seemed personally offended at the fact that Peter gave away the Potters, which was really great. I love this thing, to be honest. It's wonderful! Thanks for such an excellent read! :)

-Katherine045 (Slytherin!)

Author's Response: Thanks for such an excellent review! Much appreciated. :)

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Review #7, by roxyroxtheworld A House of Cards

19th October 2009:
I like this story. You explain sirius' thoughts very well and it flows good. i especially love the line sirius says that goes like this...

"azkaban makes you think alot" lol!!!

Anyway i really love this story and sirius in this story!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #8, by Nadiya Iman Lestrange A House of Cards

3rd December 2007:
I first came upon your fics at Mugglenet's Fanfiction forum, and I totally fell in love with all of them. You're writing style is so beautiful, so touching, and so real, that you can't help but fall in love with the characters and feel their pain and sorrow, joys and triumphs. This one was a beautiful as the rest of them, and I can't wait to see what others you have!

Author's Response: Well thank you for wandering over to HPFF - my first and favorite home for my fanfiction.

I'm so unbelievably pleased at how much you love my fics and for all the reviews you left! You're simply amazing. Thank you so much.

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Review #9, by sarahblack A House of Cards

30th April 2007:
awww. I love it!


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Review #10, by joojoo A House of Cards

29th April 2007:
I am simply lost for words. My throat hurts - I've been trying not to cry. That has to be one of the most emotive pieces of writing I have read in my entire life. The way that you depicted Sirius' emotions and sense of guilt, the talk about Peter Pettigrew and what the Marauders once were and how they are now. The hurt and the pain is just so visible. You've made it so real it's hard not to get hurt by it yourself. Absolutely adored this piece, and you really do deserve to be put on the Marauder top 5. Amazing. 10/10

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Review #11, by Anonymous A House of Cards

4th November 2006:
Good Story. However, I feel some of your responses to less-intelligent reviews are uncalled for.
You, as an author, should consider it a privilege to recieve reviews. People have taken their time to review your story (whether or not the review is 2 words or 20).
If it is anybody's waste of time, it would be the reviewer's.
Anyway, I hope you have matured since then and feel grateful for the support and time given to your story by your readers, instead of reacting with anger to reviews that could be more detailed...

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Review #12, by Forgesgirl A House of Cards

18th October 2006:
wow that was umm uhh well wow.

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Review #13, by lightningstruck A House of Cards

3rd October 2006:
I'm crying. Really and truely crying. That was one of the most beautifully written stories I have ever read on fanfiction! Sirius's analysis of what friendship meant was stunning. The emotion is so deep and unbelievable! Keep it up!

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Review #14, by fredandgeorgeweasley A House of Cards

21st July 2006:
That was...sad. Really sad. I swear I had tears welling up in my eyes at some parts. DAMN YOU PETER! lol. I really enjoyed reading this story. Keep up the good writing!

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Review #15, by SiriouslyLoveSirius A House of Cards

5th June 2006:
:'( THAT WAS SO GOOD! It was .. real... It felt like I WAS there .. Was inside Sirius's thoughts.. Everything you wrote was exactly his kind of personality I think .. OMG!! I love this story ..Though it was very sad.. Cried ALOT.
It was like .. PerfecT..

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Review #16, by Rekhyt A House of Cards

16th May 2006:
I was lokking for a fic like this, and this one was recommended to me. Very nice work!

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Review #17, by SadForSirius A House of Cards

12th May 2006:
Aww!!!! Sirius misses his buddie. This is such a sad and moving storie. It's very lovely. Great job. : )

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Review #18, by bitterbutsweet A House of Cards

27th April 2006:
intriguing, i wish there was more. I have to say i decided to read this story by the title. I have a story validating by the same name 'House of Cards' too- great minds think a like, but my story is completely different. Good scope into Sirius's thought's. It's a persepctive I never thought of before

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Review #19, by Rogue_and_Raven A House of Cards

5th March 2006:
what an amazing story that i couldn't stop reading from the very start to the ending. i love marauder storys and that one got me thinking lots. truely fantastic writing!

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Review #20, by FluerDelacour8118 A House of Cards

21st February 2006:
You once again have outdone yourself. I love the way you capture Sirius's thoughts. You put yourself in the characters position. When I read your stories its as if I'm the character in the story. You make your stories so real. I love this one. It's a great view from Sirius in Azkaban. The way you put his thoughts into words is amazing. I loved this. I know I keep saying this everytime I review you, but keep writing!

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Review #21, by MsRaddishEarings A House of Cards

18th February 2006:
One word, that isnt actually a word, WOW!!

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Review #22, by Arinonna A House of Cards

6th February 2006:
Hey I think that this is truly good. Keep up the good work and i hope to read more from you soon.

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Review #23, by bookwormhermione A House of Cards

2nd February 2006:
wow!! touching!!! very very good!!!keep up the good work!! u have talent! KELL

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Review #24, by Jack A House of Cards

30th January 2006:
Thats pretty...uh...dark.GREAT STORY!!! 4*'s of 5*'s

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Review #25, by holly bergman A House of Cards

29th January 2006:
Wow...this is good. A brilliant insight to what it would be like alone in Azkaban in the eyes of Sirius Black.

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