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Review #1, by blazeroth The Amulet of Anteros

13th July 2011:
Wow.Why does nothing good ever happen to harry? His parents, grandparents and godfather are all dead. His only living relatives hate and torture him. His enemies in school get away with everything. He's almost killed at least once a year. And in any of these stories or rowlings, he doesnt get the dream girl such as gwyn. Honestly, ginnys a slut and everyone has harry with her and it seems like this is where your story is headed. Disappointing.

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Review #2, by Bella Frizz The Amulet of Anteros

7th July 2010:
I loved this story. Thx so much for writing it, it gave me something else to think about in harry potter.

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Review #3, by Bella Frizz The Best Birthday Ever

18th April 2010:
I love it sooo much!!! t hx for writing!!!

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Review #4, by Fenris The Amulet of Anteros

12th April 2010:
i thought the story was awesome! but im a bit sad that harry didnt end up with gwyn

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Review #5, by Marvolo Riddle The Truth

7th December 2009:
An interesting study in characterization and the nature of friendship you have here. I'm writing, of course, about the showdown between Hermione and Harry (and Tonks) set near the end of this chapter.

From Harry's perspective, it was a mistake for him to have said hurtful things to Hermione. He lost the moral high ground when he did that and, when the moment of reconciliation arrives, he will have to apologize for what he said.

Hermione stole Harry's invisibility cloak; she went into his room and, without permission, rummaged through his trunk and then removed his personal property. Frankly, I don't care how good her intentions were, that is unacceptable behavior and not something one expects from a *friend*.

When Hermione started ranting about Gwyn, and voiced her suspicions, Harry should have kept calm and quiet. Perhaps he could have pointed out that Gwyn had never stolen from him!

I've tried to write out my thoughts on this chapter several times and I keep having to delete it and start over because I'm not expressing myself clearly enough.

Reading the end of this chapter again, I'm not sure, if I were Harry, that I could ever be friends with Hermione again after this. My personal faith in Tonks would be shaken but still salvageable but Hermione..

Harry should not have spoken in a cruel fashion. If he had not, he could have just waited for Hermione to return, asked politely, but firmly, for the return of his property and then told Hermione in no uncertain terms that he was no longer interested in being friends with her, and to please stay out of his life forever.

As it stands, he will have to apologize, which leads to a completely different conversation. It's hard to apologize and then tell someone that you don't want anything to do with them ever again.

Do you think that's over-reacting? Are you thinking, Wow that's kind of harsh, throwing away a long standing and close friendship over this!

Think about it; does this scene paint Hermione in any kind of positive light? Does a friend trump your right to decide the path of your own life and substitute their judgment for yours? I'm not really sure I would want friends like that. A friend gives you advice, of course; they listen, certainly, but then a friend must respect the fact that you have the inherent right to live your own life.

Hermione certainly could have voiced her concerns to Harry and made it clear that her own friendship with Harry might hang in the balance, based on the decisions he made, but that still leaves the final decision where it belongs - in Harry's hands.

Nope - Harry doesn't need friends like this and this version of Hermione has lost all credibility with me, again, regardless of how noble her intentions were. Stealing and circumventing free will are not things Harry (or any of us) need in close proximity to our personal lives.

There is a good reason this story sits among my favorites. I'm involved enough in it to feel strongly about the interaction of your characters. I hope the author recognizes that it takes a work of significant quality to have provoked such a reaction from me, and that my words are in no way meant to denigrate the work as a whole. It is outstanding fiction.

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Review #6, by sinwillys822 Practice

6th December 2009:
awesome chapter, can't wait to read more.

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Review #7, by sinwillys822 Hogsmeade

3rd December 2009:
oh wow what a cliffie , can't wait to read what happens next.

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Review #8, by sinwillys822 Speechless

3rd December 2009:
i can't wait to read what happens next, hope gwyn is able to hang around harry more.

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Review #9, by alpha_alieria The Truth

14th September 2009:
I feel compelled to point out that you can't possibly lose ANY match play sporting event after going undefeated in pool play - you'd certainly have the most wins, and total points would never figure into any such equation - the tiebreak would be differential, which you'd also have a huge edge in after 3 wins.

Aside from that, great story, if a little stereotyped. Very enjoyable read, though.

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Review #10, by Feistyone Revelations

12th January 2008:
I love love love your story. I'm an H/OC shipper myself, lol. =) Any way you make it though, the plots rolling along really well! =)

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Review #11, by kyoshi Silent Night

30th November 2007:
Again Harry does nothing! God is he Mother Teressa?

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Review #12, by kyoshi Visions

30th November 2007:
Do you think Harry will do anything or just sit on his hands? I find you've made Harry into a Saint!

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Review #13, by kyoahi Hogsmeade

30th November 2007:
Why is Harry so inept, most authors paint him as slow to react and you just did the same thing. So far he'd lose a fight with a balloon.

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Review #14, by kyoshi Escalation

30th November 2007:
God could you pick up the pace, it's like reading an Archie comic!

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Review #15, by kyoshi Fame's Fickle Friend

29th November 2007:
Great story, like to see Harry as a great Wizard not just lucky. Best Regards

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Review #16, by dont have one The Amulet of Anteros

23rd August 2007:
sorry i wasnt around when you orginally was writing and posting this story but i just have to say i loved your version just as much as any of the originals

it has kept me reading on and on wanting to see whats going to happen next until i finally got to the end lol

good luck on all your future books

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Review #17, by little one The Amulet of Anteros

4th August 2007:
Ausome story!!! I wish u could continue.:(

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Review #18, by canon nazis Hogsmeade

4th April 2007:
Yup, the 'scar scene' greatly displeases us. It's not as bad as some fanfics out there, but this sort of scene is one reason we don't read much fanfic anymore. Shame! Why, we actually like the Draco/Gwyn interactions better!

Besides that, however, it's pretty good, so don't take this too harshly. We just want to help.

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Review #19, by operamellie The Sect of the Serpent

27th March 2007:
I have been following this story for a while now, and I think this could easily be mistaken for one of J.K. rowling's own wrighting. You have the characters down perfectly and your detail work with emotions through uoy the chapters is flawless. I give this story a big 10 and I can't wait to see what you will think up next.

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Review #20, by MasterSith Transcendental Transmogrification

22nd February 2007:
good chapter but when is there gonna be some more action ?

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Review #21, by MasterSith Visions

22nd February 2007:
THAT BLOODY BASTARD OF A FERET! u better make harry toture him to insanity

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Review #22, by MasterSith The Halloween Feast

22nd February 2007:
another good chapter the only thing that i would like tos ee more action not just the 10 sec scenes

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Review #23, by MasterSith The Sect of the Serpent

22nd February 2007:
great chapter! :)

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Review #24, by MasterSith Calming the Storm

22nd February 2007:
as for the whole Draco Gweyn thing i think u just make harry go primal on him and kill the miserble monkey. And as for Harry Gweyn i think they would make a good couple

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Review #25, by loving_london The Amulet of Anteros

25th December 2006:
This story was absolutly amazing, honestly, it was. I know I didn't review most of your chapters, but thats because I couldn't wait to go to the next chapter. Anyways, I shall tell everyone I know about this amazing story.

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