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Review #1, by NoJemimas Halloween

6th November 2005:
Finish this story plllllllllllllllleeaaaaassee.

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Review #2, by nica Halloween

24th December 2004:
hey! have you stopped writing? i really like the story! hope you update really really really soon! merry christmas!

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Review #3, by centaursh Halloween

14th December 2004:
Ho sha! Dumbledore totally rocks right now! I canna believe voldie would break in2 hogwarts though! Evil git.... anyway, update soon and keep up all the action/brilliant ship pairings!

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Review #4, by centaursh Hermione's Visit

14th December 2004:
Puh-lease tell me u r a ron/luna shipper! H/hr 2. U have no idea how hard it is to find people who think r/hr don't go together. don't break r/l up. Please!

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Review #5, by centaursh Arianna's Return

14th December 2004:
Excellent descriptions, u really make the scene visible. Interesting that ana trusts both snape and lupin. I hope they don't have to contend for her affection. I'd have to go w/ lupin on that one, marauders rule!

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Review #6, by dark_side_of_the_moon Halloween

28th September 2004:
have you stopped writing? i hope not, this is one of my favs! update soon!

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Review #7, by hpfan4evr Halloween

27th August 2004:
Nice! I liked this chapter a lot, just the right amount of everything in it. Keep writing.

Author's Response: Thanks, I plan on it. Hopefully the next chapter will be up before next week.

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Review #8, by Black Duality Halloween

25th August 2004:
I love this story so so so much!!!!...AHH..I really want to know what happens please add another chapter soon!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for being a faithful reader...I'll try to post again soon.

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Review #9, by Black Duality Weekend Visit

15th August 2004:
Great story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Glad you like it.

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Review #10, by hermionewannabe Anna's Past

11th August 2004:
This is a fantastic story. Please update a soon as possible. You have such a gift.

Author's Response: Thank You. The next chapter is ready and will be up soon.

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Review #11, by nobody Anna's Past

11th August 2004:
Wow plz update soon you rock!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks. The next chapter is ready, I just have to find a few spare moments to get it up.

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Review #12, by Black Duality Anna's Past

5th August 2004:
I love this story!!!!!?////Please add another chapter

Author's Response: It'll be up soon. I've been writing a lot and have the story planned out. Thanks for the review.

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Review #13, by reginaofravenclaw Anna's Past

3rd August 2004:
this is a wonderful story. plz update soon!

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Review #14, by reginaofravenclaw Arianna's Return

3rd August 2004:
you are a very gifted writer. plz update soon.

Author's Response: It's coming soon. I have everything up to chapter six written and will start editing soon. Thanks for the review.

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Review #15, by Black Duality Hermione's Visit

30th July 2004:
Great story

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Review #16, by Black Duality The Truth

29th July 2004:
Hey this is a really really good story...Im putting it in my fav's

Author's Response: : )

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Review #17, by Black Duality Arianna's Return

25th July 2004:
Hey this is a really really really great story...I love it!!!.Please add anothre chapter soon..Could you also check out my story to please if you have time..Its called Go ask Hermione!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I have a third chapter that I'll hopefully post today and I'm working on 4 & 5. And I'd be happy to read your story.

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