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Review #1, by alechia The first time I ever needed anyone...

14th July 2005:
nicely done but it could be improved with some beta work. spelling seems to be a problem for you.

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Review #2, by Vision Of The Future The first time I ever needed anyone...

1st August 2004:
WOW!! This story was AWESOME!! I really like it. 10/ FAR!! : )

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Review #3, by Magnolia_Black_Rose The first time I ever needed anyone...

25th July 2004:
You're soo lucky. Darn you. I've spent over three years with you guys hoping that stuff would rub off on me and I could become a super wacky, super athletic. super hot, super strange, super lucky, super wierd, super genius and rule the world, but noooo, I can never have it my way. Darn you ppl. I need to kidnap a certain Rongjie and use force her to make a special machine that sucks up everyones good traits. And once I'm done with it and become the supreme rulerand the supreme being, I will sell it to the BlackMargaret and become richer. Muahahahahah Muahahahahahah ^_^ j/k, I wont sell it. lol. Well, I g2g, have fun, and most importantly, tell me when ur coming back. Yes that is more important than having fun. Bye!

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Review #4, by Magnolia_Black_Rose The first time I ever needed anyone...

21st July 2004:
I never said I didn't like it Margie! really it's good. *looks sad* : ( plz forgive me *puppy dog eyes* I didn't mean for it to sound like I didn't like it, I do. I didn't say it was bad at all, just a note about how their relationship changed (and by "their" I mean Draco and Mione cause someone * cough cough * doesn't like my redheaded Ginny ne more), j/k, I guess I can get used to it. It isn't as bad a paring as Hermione and Snape *shutters* can you imagine, it's like you and Nate- O, nm, j/k I ment to say it's like you and um... Mr. Old Guy from gym class *shutters at thought, pauses and then laughs head off* lol ^_^ Hermione and Draco are nice and all, but these D/G fics (And you) have brainwashed me into thinking otherwise. Stupid brainwashing, my brain is empty enough as it is, I don't need ppl washing it spotless...Oooh, that kind of brainwashing, nm *flicks little person cleaning brain though ear off shoulder* Well, this is a very strange review, even for me, so I'm going to stop, but only after I ask you one more time, WHEN R U COMING BACK? *cries* Margie doesn't love me anymore *stops crying and realises that she actually wrote that part down* *laughs nervously* Umm...I g2g, Bye.

Author's Response: lol, o well, anywayz, guess what? i got PoA on DVD! yea uh! I mean, in china, there's EVERYTHING! There's movies that haven't even hit theaters on dvd here, so wat if it's illegal? I mean, i got to c tom for like 13 times. *sighs happily*

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Review #5, by xXslytherin_angel_tearXx The first time I ever needed anyone...

20th July 2004:
"I wasn't going to ask for their names!" He pouted, "Now I'm going to have nightmares about a redhead named Bon, thanks a lot, Granger. And by the way, Draino is such a sucky name, who would ever name their kid Draino, it sounds like a toilet." heyheyz i almost pissed ma pants reading that part i hope u update cuz ur doing a fantastic job and i really want to no wat happens to hermione and draco =D plz update soon :( cant live wit out it lolz byebyez 4 now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: thanx for the review...gosh, i'm so0o0o0o flattered...[gets flattened] and yes, i will write more!

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Review #6, by Magnolia_Black_Rose The first time I ever needed anyone...

20th July 2004:
Well, that was different. Didn't know you'd change ur mind and go to the Dark Side (Hermione without Ron and let alone with Draco) *sighs* have I taught you nothing, Rone and Mione are ment to be. Now we must get this demon in ur head out. ...I mean have a nice game of chess to clear our minds..sure...^_^ j/k. But I wanna hear the end of the dumb blonde joke : ( * make me laugh darn you* lol j/k I like ur new sn, funny. Just wait till I tell Rongjie. lol . ^_^ One thing though, not to souund mean or ne thing, but maybe you should slow down the past at which they fall for eachother, I mean first insulting, the next thing you know their having a leaf fight, then he's showing her the moon on his broom, hey that rhymed! I'm so j/k And ne ways, how would you know that burning leaves (besides tobacco) smells like cigarette smoke? *looks shoked* You're not doing what I think ur doing over there, r u Margie. Tsk tsk. ^_^ Hunting Exotic Rongjies while smoking (not to mention without me), don't you know that- *says in a smokey the Bear voice* "Only you can prevent Forest Fires" lol ok, well, g2g now, bye

Author's Response: lol, that's ok, i knew u wouldn't like this story, anyways, i g2g, my old account was deleted... :( don't know by who.

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