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Review #1, by Natural Amortentia Goodnight Alexandra

20th March 2007:
Ooh. Goodgoodgood! I really like it!

I've always been entirely partial to the little fanon theory about Snape having someone--particularly a lover--who was very close to him die, and this is the second or third fic I've read using that premise.

I still love it.

You did a great job with all of this--however, the only thing I might comment on is that we don't get to see a great deal of character development with Alexa. We know her family background, and that she's a teacher, and we only really see how she feels and acts near the end, where she starts the self-mutilation (Kudos on that for originality, I've never seen that in a Death-Eater-involved fic--typically it's someone else responsible) and gets very depressed.

I'd like to see a little more of her personality before she starts with the severe depression, because she seems like a great character.

I loved it.
Great job.

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Review #2, by A_C_lupin Goodnight Alexandra

22nd June 2005:
oh my god this was really touching well done!!!

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Review #3, by Canadien Witch Goodnight Alexandra

23rd July 2004:
Again, it's good- maybe try writing some longer fics next time tay- oh right ur working on that sirius one...

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Review #4, by SciFi129 Goodnight Alexandra

19th July 2004:
Very well written! I liked! Just try spacing it out a bit though!

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