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Review #1, by Jessie c. Dolores' Sorrow

16th January 2010:
wow...great story line!! really unique!

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Review #2, by SYN Dolores' Sorrow

10th July 2006:
This is an intersting story. Remus now has to live with killing a human. This is the first human that he can remember killing and now he has to live with that. I like this story. 9/10

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Review #3, by A_is_for_Amy Dolores' Sorrow

20th July 2004:
I like how this fic started, though I did wonder at Delores ever leaving the magical world, even briefly. She seemed to me the type of person who felt that it was her birthright, and would NEVER forgo it for the lesser world of the Muggles. Otherwise her characterization seemed spot on. Her choice of letting Remus in – if only to handle the heavy lifting so as not to compromise her promise to herself was good, as was the choice of biscuit she chose to serve with tea. Very in keeping with how I pictured her. I did, however, take exception to the fact that you made her 5 foot 4 inches. That happens to be my own height! ;) I got the impression from the books that she was about a foot shorter than that. Remus was also very well done. His calm and polite demeanor came through, and his reactions to everything around him were perfect. His instinct to help the Delores in the pensieve, despite his personal loathing for her speaks volumes as to the type of person that he is. The fact that he could identify so intensely with both the werewolf and it’s victims was heart wrenching. When Delores and Lupin ran up the steps to escape the werewolf in the pensieve, it struck me that Lupin always seemed to be running from a werewolf – this time it was just more physical. To find out that the werewolf of memory was himself was just … awful! It brought tears to my eyes, for Lupin’s sake. I felt a very real fear for Lupin while he was vulnerable to Umbridge, and breathed a sigh of relief when he escaped… He really had a close call! I can only imagine how this new knowledge will torture him now. It’s funny, but this story didn’t make me feel any better about Delores Umbridge as a person, but gave me a whole new well of sympathy to draw from for Remus’s sake. Odd? Anyway, this was excellently done. I’m glad I read it, because I almost passed it up because I dislike Umbridge so much. Fantastic story!

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