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Review #1, by nicole Meeting Renee and the Goblin.

29th October 2005:
I usually don't like Draco, but this was pretty good! Please write more!

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Review #2, by tinkerbell16 Draco's Point of View

6th March 2005:
I love this story so far... it is really funny, and I hope that you update soon... so I can read more of it ^_^

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Review #3, by Kally31 Draco's Point of View

23rd September 2004:
Great Job so far. I love it. Keep Up the awesome work. Post soon!!!

Author's Response: Thank you :) I am glad that you enjoyed it. I'll have more soon as possible. ~Danielle

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Review #4, by Fan Meeting Renee and the Goblin.

25th August 2004:
Hey, very cute chapter! write next one soon!

Author's Response: I will don't worry. But first I have to finish my first story and find time between high school and writing these stories. Well thank you I am glad that you enjoyed it. ~Danielle

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Review #5, by Fan Muggle Mansion

22nd August 2004:
hey, good chapter just a little bit slow for me

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Review #6, by Fan Marylin's Point of View.

22nd August 2004:
Hey, This was also a good chapter I liked how you make everybody have a different perspective but Draco isn't Mr. Weasleys nephew!

Author's Response: he's posing as Author's nephew...Author knows more about the muggle word than Lucius and fits in better than Lucius. Thats why Author had to take Draco to the muggle home. Get it? :) ~Danielle

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Review #7, by Fan Draco's Point of View

22nd August 2004:
Hey, This was a very clever chapter because it was clever to make Draco's thoughts. But I didn't like the gross parts like the bath and the bathroom and when the "hanky pankie". I also don't like the bad words. But those things you can jsut stop.

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for reading my story. Sorry about the gross parts, I guess some people may not think that they funny. Don't worry, it won't be too gross, I promise. But Draco curses, not Marylin. Marylin is a little lady, you can say. I won't go too far with the cursing though. I don't like the "f" word or anything too vulgar. The hankie pankie was a clean way of saying...what the parents do in the bedroom. I didn't want to be too descriptive with that part lol (gee maybe I shouldn't say that due to Draco's bathroom scene). But anywho, thanks for reading. Right now I dont have time to write more due to school! Hopefully a new chapter will be up soon. ~Danielle

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Review #8, by i_just_got_scammed Draco's Point of View

8th August 2004:
awesome i cant wate untill you finish the rest of the story.

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Review #9, by Draco Meets Marylin Meeting Renee and the Goblin.

4th August 2004:
It was a very good story. I'm not done reading it all but its good so far. I give in an 8. Your did good on the discriptions and the names, but i think you put your personal thoughts in the to much, like says draco's hot.

Author's Response: Well I am glad that you're enjoying it. Yes, those are my personal thoughts...hehehe. Thank you ~danielle

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Review #10, by britbrat Meeting Renee and the Goblin.

1st August 2004:
that was one of the fanfics EVER please finish the other chapters soon or i'll die

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll write more in time. Right now I am working on chapter 9 in my other story. :) Thanks again! ~Danielle

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Review #11, by Rons Spell Caster Draco's Point of View

22nd July 2004:
That's creative how you mixed in muggle doings with the Malfoys--the people who hate muggles. Very nice and interesting! I will be reading! So keep writing! Brilliant, I say--cheers

Author's Response: Thank you, I am glad that you enjoyed it. I figured Malfoy needs to get over hating muggles and thinking he's so thats why I made the story. Hopefully it's humorous to everyone. :) Thanks! ~Danielle

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