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Review #1, by Rebecca The Caged Bird Doesn't Always Sing

3rd April 2009:
This is awsome you know i can not think of anything better 1hen this you are a genius!

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Review #2, by mochalatte The Caged Bird Doesn't Always Sing

10th March 2007:
wonderful!!! update SON! please please please

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Review #3, by sunnykid The Caged Bird Doesn't Always Sing

23rd December 2006:


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Review #4, by sunnykid The First of Layla's Last Days

23rd December 2006:
wot did snape regonise?

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Review #5, by sunnykid Tricks, not Treats

23rd December 2006:
whoooa hold on!11

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Review #6, by sunnykid Don't Cry Over Smoked Toast

23rd December 2006:

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Review #7, by sunnykid Surviving the First Bit

23rd December 2006:
gr8 luved it!

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Review #8, by Jahaira101 The Caged Bird Doesn't Always Sing

4th September 2006:
Can you hurry up with the next chapter????

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Review #9, by InLove The Caged Bird Doesn't Always Sing

24th July 2006:
Oh yeah!!! I do enjoy the parts when she likes Malfoy, it makes me so happy!

Author's Response: gee, thanks.

you're new. keep reviewing, dear, i've been feeling uninspired, you see.

thanks again!


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Review #10, by MonEHT The Caged Bird Doesn't Always Sing

18th May 2006:
Woohoo a new chapter!
Yeah, definitely not abandoned.
It's awesome!!! I like the symbolism with the BIRD... and all the humor and rollercoaster-craziness in this one, keep em comin'!

oh. ps. I kinda like the beemers. and chronicles of narnia. (*chuckle, chuckle. smack, smack*)

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Review #11, by foxymoxy116 The Caged Bird Doesn't Always Sing

16th May 2006:
Dear God you've done it again. Will the next chap bee CPFTSR then? please say yes, its just too good to waste. Very true to your three sentence "outline". Although, yous story is stiill "abandoned" but clearly, it isnt. They need to fix these things. I can't wait till next year when the next chapter comes out. (kidding) i'm accidentaly on purposely reviewing. I love updates. And you love reviews!

-your favorite hermanastra!

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Review #12, by Candied_Apple27 The Caged Bird Doesn't Always Sing

15th May 2006:
eeeeeeeee!!! i love it girly!!! (i dunno why i said "e" it just seemed like the right way to vocalize my overall enjoyment of this chapter!) uh... so yeah if you couldn't tell i'm totaly excited you added another chapter, especially since it was an awesome chapter!! - yout twin

ps- did you know snow patrol did a cover of crazy in love???? its wierd listen to it! seriously

pss - i reek of vanilla (i guess there are smells far worse) because i'v been putting on vanilla lotion the entire time i was reading haha love ya Girl!!

Author's Response: a cover of crazy in love? that is very, very odd, i must say. perhaps they'll sing it...when we GO TO THE CONCERT.
I'm glad for you, your review, and your vanilla.
love, love, love,

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Review #13, by Hermanastra The Bright Side of the Dark Arts

13th May 2006:
they will only let me rieview your story on this chappie once! I'm taking on an alias, and I really want to read your update (ill have to do it the hard way i guess) Good, great, fantabulous, FIERCE, man.

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Review #14, by heather! The Bright Side of the Dark Arts

12th May 2006:
guess what? i found your story. aaaaaand i didn't really have time to read it but i did anyway. and it was pretty much amazing. i mean, i found plot in there. anyway, i don't know where this supposed chapter 7 lies, but i'll read it too whenever it decides to appear. so basically you made up like 65% of the characters, and they were pretty cool. fred and george were fun. oh and i like how layla decides she might like draco because he smells good. it was cute. and hermione is kind of a prat, and harry and ron are kind of dumb, but i guess you can't be perfect all the time. anyway, it seems like pretty much everyone i know has already read this story based on the other reviews, so i'm wondering why i had to wait so freaking long. but i digress. your story was absolutely lovely. and the writing gets better as it goes, so by all means, keep writing this little fanfiction. ~Heather, your bestest friend and lunch eating buddy EVAR.

Author's Response: Darling, your review was spectacufab. (spectacular + fabulous...don't worry it'll catch on) Apparently you didnt review chapter 7. Thanks. But you're still a better friend than Parks for reading it at all.
Ahora, tengo que estudio para el examen VERBAL manana! (ay dios mio!)
i love you.

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Review #15, by foxymoxy116 The Bright Side of the Dark Arts

31st January 2006:
hey, i just wanted you to know that i now have a new name (3rd times a charm) and will be routinely posting reviews. i know you can finish that seventh chapter-your so close! i lurv it so much and his new name! -mox, your humble advisor that you dont listen to

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Review #16, by Candied_Apple27 Surviving the First Bit

30th December 2005:
TWIN ok so last night you were talking about writting more of this story so i went back and re-read it and... NOW YOU ABSOLUTLY HAVE TO CONTINUE IT!!!

Author's Response: Well, thanks, S. I'm going to use this response as an opp to address all my readers: Well, I'm sorry, previous commenter whom I do not know personally; I lied. I am a liar. This story is not, in fact, like a crusty brown flower, it's more like a living flower which is being poorly and SLOWLY tended (by me ... in case you're stupid). Oh, also, I think *I MIGHT CHANGE HAVENS' NAME TO GARRETT OR DERRICK perhaps.* We'll see. I'm open to suggestions. So ummmmmm STAY FREAKING TUNED!!!!!!! ~m

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Review #17, by matt The Bright Side of the Dark Arts

19th December 2005:
WHOAH MAN. whoah. This story is deeeeep. Deep with FORESHADOWING. AHHHHH. Yeah so keep on writin' on to chapter sheven. Oh, and yeah *about* those away messages about Harry Judd... CRINGE CRINGE… …mega cringe? o_0 woohoo merry Christmas and all that pish posh. jolly good. cheerio!

Author's Response: Well, I know you're not cringing at Harry J. So, I'll just over look that. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thanks. Okaybye. ~M

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Review #18, by kk YO The Bright Side of the Dark Arts

24th November 2005:
yo dawg keep on writing i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to read what happens next so come on and finish the story dude i'm eager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Weelll. ha. Funny thing about that... You see, I haven't actually worked on this in a year or so..? And I had many splendid ideas but I'm afraid that the story has just withered and died like a little crusty brown flower, you know? It's dreadful, I agree. But I don't know what to do at the moment, as it were. ~M (Is your best friend) P.S. Just a note to everyone: I LOVE absolutely LOVE Harry Judd! Yes, it is unfortunate that he's part of such a lame band. But look at his face. Look at his arms. LOOK AT HIS BOD! Thank you.

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Review #19, by evan The Bright Side of the Dark Arts

12th July 2005:
Just one more day. :) can't wait.

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Review #20, by evan The First of Layla's Last Days

6th July 2005:
oooooooh!!!! so unfair. don't ya just hate snape? and who on earth could Layla's father be? tune in next time for another enthralling episode of Alone Together.

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Review #21, by evan Tricks, not Treats

6th July 2005:
what else is there to say? you're great at writing pranks and jokes and making readers laugh, and now you've exhibited that you can make them feel concerned and sad. you've successfully created the author-reader bridge. so tell me. how does it feel being such an amazing writer? :-D

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Review #22, by evan Don't Cry Over Smoked Toast

6th July 2005:
whoooooooaaaaa no liiiife liiiine. :-D. i really barely remember this story at all from the first time i read it. unlike the giving tree, which i could probably recite from heart. that's only because all the words in the book couldn't fill up half a page though.

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Review #23, by evan The Difference Between Love and Hate

6th July 2005:
after all, smell is the strongest sense tied to memory.

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Review #24, by Evan Surviving the First Bit

6th July 2005:
huzzaaaaah!! reading it again after so long feels like jumping down into a pool and giving someone you love a biiig hug.

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Review #25, by tru The First of Layla's Last Days

2nd October 2004:
M!~!~!~! i enjoy your stories very much! thats why i am reveiwing every chappie! and rating them 10! i love you!!! you are hot. lets take it to the next lever. oop, i mean level. yes, lets also take it to the next lever. ~waffles? i think not!

Author's Response: I think so!

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