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Review #1, by hplover_15 I'm Just a Kid

23rd July 2009:
It's like Harry's song it goes with him and his life. It's not that his friends ditched him but they do have lives of their own.

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Review #2, by DarkAngel I'm Just a Kid

19th February 2007:
it;s intresting
i understand your reasoning for harry's pain
both me and my friend were crying when padfoot died
you might want to explain a bit more though

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Review #3, by tom_feltons_godess I'm Just a Kid

22nd May 2006:
okie doke...I lykd it very much!!! I FRICKIN LUB SIMPLE PLAN!!! Yup,yup Gr8 band those peeps gr8 band!!! LOL!!! Ya...I lykd ur story....I dunno wut else 2 say yep...OMGAH SIMPLE PLAN!!! I myself wrote one on Perfect soz ya I lub them and ur story!!! Gr8 job!!!~Jaymee

Author's Response: Thanks. i am glad you liked it. yes i like simple plan heaps too. thanks for reviewing! i really appreciate it. :)

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Review #4, by BellaLuna I'm Just a Kid

27th January 2006:
i reallt like this song and it really like is one of Harry's 'theme songs' u knno?

Author's Response: Yeah I know, it’s weird how some songs just seem to fit him. :) Good old Simple Plan for writing it! Thanks for the review, I really appreciate it!

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Review #5, by Bubblegum430 I'm Just a Kid

4th October 2005:
LKove the story! im just a kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're cool too!

Author's Response: Oh wow! thanks for reviewing! I am glad you like it. Yeah I love simple plan!! They absolutely rock my socks! Please feel free to read and review any of my other stories (sorry I cant help but advertise them :P) I would love to know what you think. Thanks again for reviewing! No my friends, you are the one who is cool

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Review #6, by Pacific Palisades I'm Just a Kid

16th June 2005:
Oooo! A nice angst! The song was just the icing on the cake!!! Gurr...the Dursley's are so hateful!!!!! Good job love! Aloha~ Erin

Author's Response: LOL, Simple Plan just seem to have a way of making their songs fit every situation! ahh, GO SP! lol, Yay I am glad you liked it!! Thankyou soooooooo much for reviewing my stories! Like I said before in my other post, you rock my socks! Thanks heaps! :)

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Review #7, by Spazelam I'm Just a Kid

15th June 2005:
Awsome I Really Love It, It Was Really Ironic When You Turn On The Raido And The Song Is Just Starting To Play While You Start To Read Your Story. Once Again I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Author's Response: haha! yes it is ironic! but very cool. Its the higher powers at work i say!!! lol yay! you like it?! awesome! thankyou so much for the review! it is really appreciated. feel free to come back and read my other stories aswell. hehe sorry i couldn't resist suggesting it, i love reviews! :) thanx again!

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Review #8, by SexyChicken I'm Just a Kid

24th March 2005:
How sad

Author's Response: yes it is isn't it? thanx for reviewing! :)

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Review #9, by Emerald_Eyes I'm Just a Kid

12th March 2005:
Ack ack ackity ack! I cam to see the reviews my review is NOT HERE! It must have got deleted in one of those Archive Crashes, *glares at archive crasher makers* hehe, well I shall review again. I like it I like it! And I love the song! Coz I love Simple Plan :) Hehe, do do do, blah blah blah... *holds up score card* 11/10!

Author's Response: oh dude! thats the best score i have ever gotten! yay you rock! and i love simple plan too! they rock also! put together that makes alot of rocking people! yay! haha! dont you love the randomness of this reply!

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Review #10, by KeepWaiting I'm Just a Kid

22nd February 2005:
Naked and fighting Voldemort without his wand... interesting dream... I love all the details you put in about how he feels about Sirius's death. So sad! I LOVE IT! :)

Author's Response: lol i told you i was insane! thanx for the review! i am glad you liked it!

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Review #11, by namerman I'm Just a Kid

24th December 2004:
can you come read my stories if you have the time?

Author's Response: Woops! soory that it took so long to review your stories! i had to leave for awhile, so again i am very sorry it took so long. I really like your story A Warrior of the Stars by the way. it is really good. anyway, thanx for reviewing mine! :)

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Review #12, by namerman I'm Just a Kid

17th December 2004:
hey im poprockz brother and i seen your review and checked out this story. i think it was good you should make anther one like this.

Author's Response: Hey, thanks! I am glad you liked it! :) Umm. Yeah I might make another one like it someday, but at the moment I am concentrating on my other fic All For One and One For All. So if you ever have time I would love to have you opinion on that fic. Only if you have time though, I don't want to be a pain. So yeah. Thanks for this review, it is much appreciated. I am glad you like this story! :)

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Review #13, by nicecupoftea1107 I'm Just a Kid

9th December 2004:
very good! i rele liked it

Author's Response: Thanx!! i am very glad you enjoyed it! :) Thanx for the review!

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Review #14, by poprockzwitch14 I'm Just a Kid

26th September 2004:
i love the song!! i was confused tho when ron and hermione were in a car behind uncle vernon. well i know this story is kind of old, but hopefully youll respond to my question! poprockzwitch14~

Author's Response: Woops! Now that I read over that I realise I didn’t explain that all to well. Harry was remembering being at the train station at the end of the year right before he went back to the Dursley’s. Hermione was spending the summer with Ron and they were going home to the burrow, and yeah just having fun. Harry was just a little upset that he wasn’t going with them. Thanx for pointing that out, I didn’t realise I forgot to write that in! Woops! All well, glad you enjoyed it and thank you soooo much for your review! :)

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Review #15, by delirious_warrior I'm Just a Kid

20th September 2004:
OMG... this is soo good... I luv this sooo much!!! 10

Author's Response: Thanx! and thankyou for your review!

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Review #16, by LadyofDraco I'm Just a Kid

28th July 2004:
That was sad! Whenever you had the song up...I was singing to it lol please update soon!

Author's Response: Sorry, thats the end of the story, just a small peice of Harry's life and what it might feel like to be him. Just a one off thing so i could use the song! but thanx for your review. It's really uplifting to know people are actually reading my stuff and liking them.

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Review #17, by mattweasley I'm Just a Kid

18th July 2004:
How could Sirius? How could he just die and leave Harry alone to face a world that only thought of him as a monument to the day the dark lord fell. A world that would one day praise him for being a murderer, or pity him, a fool who aimed to high, thinking he could take on a monster fully grown wizards could not face. I LOVE that line. great story, harry's emotions are what I think harry's really feeling after sirius died..great job!

Author's Response: Ah shucks! Thanx for your review!

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Review #18, by irishlily I'm Just a Kid

16th July 2004:
i liked it a lot

Author's Response: Thanx for your review!

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Review #19, by Phoenix_Girl13 I'm Just a Kid

15th July 2004:
Wow!!! I really liked this it was good

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing!! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #20, by fireygal400 I'm Just a Kid

15th July 2004:
I have a few things to say. Good things. One, this is a reall really really really really really really good story!!!!!!!!!!! Two, Simple Plan is the best band ever, if I may say so myself. THis was really good. Lots of emtions and details. I didn't get the part about the nakedness and withtout the wand and the horns, iT confused me. But none the less it was really good. Thanks.

Author's Response: Ahhh...just trying to get through that he is know like normal teens have those dreams about forgetting their clothes when they go to school and such, or growing well they do that in some movies!! lol and the having no wand part. Well i wouldn't want to face voldemort without a wand and i didn't think he would either. So yeah that was kind of relating back to the wizarding world. i should prob make that clearer. Thanx for your review!!!

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Review #21, by eskimo girl I'm Just a Kid

15th July 2004:
I do like it, well done!! Isn't it strange how sometimes a song fits a situation perfectly? (I suppose that's the intent of the songwriter ...) I really like the inisght into Harry's feelings - sort of, do they only like me because I'm going to save them from Voldemort? And the teenage rage/hormonal thing comes across well ... I was a bit confused though, was Harry at Privet Drive, getting a letter, then at the train station and his friends were leaving without him? Maybe I didn't read it properly ... but anyway, again well done!! :-)

Author's Response: Ahh sorry....just edited that part....he was at private drive and was remebering the train station thing...and having the nightmare....all memories that helped him to cry. i hope it makes a little more sense now. Thanx so much for your review!

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