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Review #1, by norapotter The Final Good-Bye

3rd September 2007:
awww, i'm teary eyed.
you are really good at writing. and though it effected me i think it would affect me and all the other readers more if you "showed instead of told" (an expression my english teacher uses all the time) what happened in the department of mysteries. then we would be refreshed on their relationship and we would see all the complex blamings that go on and the sadness and grief. That would make this final section even more powerful than it already is. but that was just a suggestion. it sounds like this story showed the soul purpose of showing his grief and if that was it than you have done a fantastic job. i'm just like that sometimes, i like giving suggestions lol. : )

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Review #2, by Mrs. Harry Potter The Final Good-Bye

19th August 2006:
Tears are pouring from my eyes and I wipe them.........blah,blah,blah

HOLY CRAP!!!That's what i think!!NO!!I DON'T HATE IT!!I LOVE IT!!!Yes it was sad and im not trying to diss your writing or what ever,but that is the first thing that came to mind.Here we have a writer who could their writing on the market one day and make millions!!Millions I tell you.I thought others stories were amazing but this is brilliant.ABSOLUTLY BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! Short and simple but breaks your heart all the same! Amazing!For once I have a story on my hands where Im absolutly speechless.All the words I wrote before put together can't say how good this is.

P.S.Sorry if I upset you or made you mad when I put HOLY CRAP.I say that when I am amazed or fasinated by something.SORRY,SORRY,SORRY!!!!!

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Review #3, by Squishy_Fred (not logged in) The Final Good-Bye

22nd July 2005:

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Review #4, by randomredrose The Final Good-Bye

10th July 2005:
hey! that was really thought provoking! sad, but romantic at the same time. good job!

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Review #5, by velvet The Final Good-Bye

31st March 2005:
omg that was so sad!! But so incredibly good! Great job, love the parts where harry is thinking about their past, it's quite emotional. and the fact that shes was buried where they first met is so wonderful work! keep writing, you're very good!! love velvet

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Review #6, by Fuzzy_Slippers The Final Good-Bye

15th November 2004:
*sniff* so sad, and yet so poetical. It rocked.

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Review #7, by Kelly Weasley The Final Good-Bye

11th August 2004:
That was soooo sad! It was very good though! Thanks for reviewing my story!

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Review #8, by Lizzy The Final Good-Bye

2nd August 2004:
OMG that was awesome! It was so sad!! Really good writing and i loved it!!

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Review #9, by AddieBabe5267 The Final Good-Bye

30th July 2004:
omg that is so sad! but i luv it!

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Review #10, by Nicole_88 The Final Good-Bye

26th July 2004:
That was sweet nice and short. you got right to the point and it was sad yet sweet.

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Review #11, by harryfanatic The Final Good-Bye

23rd July 2004:
Its so sad and I wanted to cry, I do hope there will be a twist in it and I can't wait.

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Review #12, by AIMfreaks The Final Good-Bye

20th July 2004:
this is really good, it was a sad chapter but it really got me into it....and i dont read fan fics much anymore, so u got me back to reading....keep up the good work, ill check back for more added chapters! :D thanks for reviewing to our story Bad Girls, iam glad u liked it :-D

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