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Review #1, by PottersPrincess Wind Beneath My Wings

2nd June 2005:

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Review #2, by ravenlupin Wind Beneath My Wings

31st January 2005:
this is sad I LIKE IT!

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Review #3, by Monkeyluv92 Wind Beneath My Wings

16th January 2005:
*cries* even though im not a H/Hr shipper, i still thought it was a great story.

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Review #4, by aww Wind Beneath My Wings

20th December 2004:
thats sad

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Review #5, by Becca Wind Beneath My Wings

14th July 2004:
You so made me cry, now every time i hear the song, i like burst out cryin......:sniffle:

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Review #6, by insane_angel Wind Beneath My Wings

29th March 2004:
i've read this before but i never get tired of it! it's sooo sad! but good!!! okay i cry now! oh by the way this is one of my fave songs! just thougth you might wanna know!!! bye now

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Review #7, by insane_angel Wind Beneath My Wings

14th March 2004:
im actually crying now! wow that was sooo sad!!!

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Review #8, by Luna Grace Corrona Wind Beneath My Wings

28th July 2003:
OMG!!! This story was really sad and depressing, but it all of my favorite shippers in it, so it was okay. Wow. You are such a great author, and this story made me cry! ;( meanie! Great story. ~~Luna

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Review #9, by misspinky Wind Beneath My Wings

13th May 2003:
*bits bottom lip* oh sad. i cried. i really did. me and my friend read it and at the same time we were like \"Oh my god! so sad!\" it was truly truly sad. i cried.

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Review #10, by Anon Wind Beneath My Wings

29th January 2003:
sad, but a good story

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Review #11, by vixen Wind Beneath My Wings

12th January 2003:
omg, thats so sad, i like it alot.

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Review #12, by mysticmurray Wind Beneath My Wings

9th January 2003:
also v good, but it seems to tail off a bit towards the end......

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Review #13, by LTDan Wind Beneath My Wings

9th January 2003:
Awww...this is sweet. I have a fic that's called There You'll Be, and is something like this. I sent a link to my mother, who doesn't read HP, and she told me not to send her the end of the books, she wanted to find out for herself in the movies. LOL, I told her I wrote that, not J.K., and she said that it was really good for a fourteen-year-old, then. I'd like for you to "nip" by and read it. :D This was good! *~LT. Dan~*

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