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Reading Reviews for The Library Meeting
10 Reviews Found

Review #1, by sara In The Library

15th February 2006:
made no sense 2 me

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Review #2, by HPsmartone32 In The Library

17th May 2005:
ooooooooooooooo please write more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Author's Response: Ah, this is one story which I'm not sure I shall conitnue...

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Review #3, by AKeys In The Library

11th December 2004:
Do you know that was dumb enough to read this whole story again without realizing i had clicked it on the previous page and read it already? But hey, it was good the second time too!

Author's Response: You may want to remember to say "I was dumb enough". I thought you were saying my story sucked at first. But thanks! I'm really glad you liked it!

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Review #4, by Nicole_jameslily4ever (not signed in) In The Library

4th November 2004:
Awww!!!! That is soooo cute! soooo cute! YAY, I want them to get together sooo bad, sooo that was sooo cute! I really like the mouthing off comment...very interesting and a great pun too!

Author's Response: Thanks, it just sorta popped into my head, but everyoe seems to like it. I thought about continuing it, but now that im back on track with my other fic, I'm not so sure. Oh well *shrugs* maybe someday...

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Review #5, by Skylar Daniels In The Library

4th October 2004:
'Ron and Hermione mouthing off, in a different sort of way.'Me again! That's my favorite part, but it's all good!! Perfect 10!

Author's Response: That was my line! (This story was written by me and amesbond, so I take pride in knowing you liked my line!)

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Review #6, by RupertLuvr89 In The Library

22nd July 2004:
I liked it, I hope you update soon.

Author's Response: I'll try, though for the moment it's not high on my list of priorities...

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Review #7, by stacie In The Library

10th July 2004:
tight story

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #8, by Jo In The Library

10th July 2004:
Hm, your spelling and grammar could use work. I'd read it over more carefully next time. O ther then that, I thought it was all right.

Author's Response: weeeeeeeeeell. it was written my me and my friends for kicks and giggles. the next few chapters will be better writen.

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Review #9, by bbs In The Library

9th July 2004:
i think a little to much went a bit to fast in this chapter but anyway keep writeing it has potential

Author's Response: the fast parts may have been amesbond's... and does it really have potential? maybe ill continue and include some more of harry/ginny...

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Review #10, by fire_dragon In The Library

9th July 2004:
Harry's such a good friend. The chapter was a little short, so try making it a bit longer. There was alot in the chapter though, so that was good. I really liked this. It has so much potential, it's not even funny. Please keep going with it.

Author's Response: potential hmm... maybe ill keep going!

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