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Review #1, by Kalia..x The Beautiful Home

20th September 2007:
I was just wondering why you never finished the story?
Its awsome Kally

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Review #2, by Clally The Beautiful Home

29th October 2006:
Write more. now! And set Adele up with someone hot, give her confidence! She is too pathetic!

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Review #3, by Clally The Beautiful Home

28th October 2006:

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Review #4, by Rosabella Malfoy The Beautiful Home

2nd August 2006:

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Review #5, by ladyspirit The Beautiful Home

9th March 2006:
=o... did she just fall asleep or was that a spell? i just donnae kno! hurry up with more! i was so excited wen i realised this was updated. only ur fics can make me feel this way <3 i hart them so! it makes my beating organ go pitapat. i HART sirius so badly. MORE sirius. much more. r he and ryann getting back together? u kno with the neck snuggling and semi nakedness? why is adele such a pussy? can she grow a backbone in the next few chapters? i mean i dont want u to TOTALLY change her character but maybe give her some confidence building situations so that she feels comfortable saying "hey. this movies kinda <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censorede!" and the like. its a basic human right to be able to insult movies. think about it. you know u love it. xxx

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Review #6, by ladyspirit (Pretty Much) Back into the Circle

16th January 2006:
im totally obsessed. write more soon.

Author's Response: this story hasn't been doing so well on the readers scale, so when i do write more, expect to see it in a while

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Review #7, by run away with me The Beautiful Home

2nd December 2005:
update soon please.

Author's Response: i shall try

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Review #8, by rock_star666 The Beautiful Home

2nd December 2005:
This is a really good story. Wicked writing style and intriguing characters. Update soon, I can't wait to find out what happens next!

Author's Response: thanks so much! i will try, but i'm not pormising anything :(

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Review #9, by bnance (Pretty Much) Back into the Circle

30th October 2005:
Have you seen the movie Thirteen? It's kind of like your story... except the character the girl befriends is very bad, leading her into drugs and such and sort of pins it on the girl in the end... but that has nothing to do with your story... well Good stuff! It' s certainly original, I feel bad for Adele's character... well UPDATE

Author's Response: well im gonna pretend that i liked the movie so i can take it as a compliment. so thank you! ;)

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Review #10, by thegirlwithnoname The Worst Thing

3rd May 2005:
UPDATE!!!!! you're killing me!!!!!!

Author's Response: i will don't worry!

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Review #11, by ladyspirit Beautiful & Achilles

6th April 2005:
ok now i'm mad.

Author's Response: please don't be mad

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Review #12, by ShamelessDramaNerd The Worst Thing

6th March 2005:
Ooooo, I just read your story and I love it!! Please keep up the fantastic writing and update soon :) And may I inquire as to what the deal is between Remus and Ryann?

Author's Response: you may but i shall not answer ;)

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Review #13, by Crystal Ardhan The Worst Thing

5th March 2005:
(pouting) when are you going to make more?? *Please* make more! I really want to know what happens, this is such a cool story so far! Much luv, Crystal ^_^

Author's Response: more is on its way, dont you fret

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Review #14, by Crystal Ardhan The Worst Thing

6th February 2005:
I just love your story! I think that you should definately have a knew section posted, though I have absolutely no clue what. It's gotta be depressing though. I think that Cheaters had an entirely too sappy ending.You should reveal the plan soon, but not too quickly... some sort of filler needs to go into the gap, but I'm not sure what...well, we know "the goddess" will be hanging out with her trying, I guess, to make a good impression? I'm not sure... think of what you will, I hope you get up your next chapter soon, I really enjoy the series so far. Much luv, Crystal ^_^

Author's Response: yeah the ending to cheaters in my opinion totally blows. But things are about to be revealed, but not everything, so just hang in there! Thank you for the wicked review!

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Review #15, by ladyspirit The Worst Thing

23rd January 2005:
UPDATE! this has gone on long enough! I want to know what happens! will sirius and montgomery (4gotten her name) ever hook up? GOD DAMN IT

Author's Response: she wishes! (thats not a no....)

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Review #16, by groundless17 The Worst Thing

5th January 2005:
I freaking LOVE your story. It insanely well written and one of a kind. I love this.

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #17, by ladyspirit The Worst Thing

3rd January 2005:
i dont think u have one story i don't love, but this has to be my favourite, I can't help but hate Sirius as it progresses but I know you probably have a good reason for all the crap he's given Montgomery. Update soon! xxx

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I really mean it too, i was such a fan of your story Dancing with Death (where oh where did it go??? on behalf of your readers I say to you BRING IT BACK!!!). I know, it's a bit odd to read about Sirius being mean, because you usually don’t see that completely, but i always found him a bit harsh, even when he was 15 (but i love him anyways!). Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by soosoo The Worst Thing

1st January 2005:
that was pretty sad..but it was over all over whellming. but what is it that they dont want her to know? ^^ im curius i wish you could continue. but did you really have to make black so mean and that poor little girl that has a crush on him...that was a bit harsh =] but life isnt life when you dont get rejected.

Author's Response: i want to continue but i have absolutetly no inspiration recently. One day i will. I hope. Yeah i had to make Black pretty mean, it sort of stays true to the character, i didnt want this to be like some mushy story and i hope it doesnt come off as being comletely fluffy

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Review #19, by ConradK Beautiful & Achilles

1st January 2005:
Wow! I love it, this is really great and I can't wait for the next chapter, keep it up!

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #20, by singing The Virgin of Girl Talks

29th November 2004:
This story is really good! I have to admit, I was sort of weirded out since it was a girl watching Ryann, but you're writing is very good. Keep it up. :-)

Author's Response: yeah its kinda weird, not the fact thats its a girl, but its just weird in general.

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Review #21, by ladyspirit The Virgin of Girl Talks

20th November 2004:
love it soooo much!

Author's Response: thaaaanks!

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Review #22, by Cass awake from the dream that was Rome

15th November 2004:
Awesome story keep it up! :D

Author's Response: i shall try

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Review #23, by RoseByTheOtherName awake from the dream that was Rome

30th August 2004:
hey just read ur chap and its reeli gud! what happened to ur other stories =o!! Update soon!! xx ps thanks for reviewing my fic!

Author's Response: youre welcome! sometimes a story just has to be taken off. sorry.

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