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Review #1, by MrsKrystalMalfoy Troubles

14th May 2006:
When's the next chappi?

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Review #2, by Tori Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor

21st December 2005:
Wonderful! lol like how im reviewing my own chapter?

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Review #3, by Tori Potion Pairing

6th April 2005:
BWAHAHAAHA love this chapter! and i the potions partner thing is great eh? But you know what i remembered? If this is their six year at hogwarts then they are not supposed to take potions anymore O.o i'm reading the 5th book again and snape says that the 5th year is their last year in potions. So are we going to just keep them in potions? cause then they have to write their NEWT's. So yea i dont mind keeping it, cause then we can make them suffer Potions NEWT's!!!! WBAHHAHAHAHAhah lolol

Author's Response: oh yes by the way i'm hoping that i get the 9th chapter up by the end of next week. yuppers just wanted to let you all know that... --Tori

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Review #4, by Jean Threat

2nd April 2005:
wicked. scary. suspense. Fabulous XD

Author's Response: WOOT! Thanksss. I was thinking of redoing my own chapters a bit. I'm not as happy as I could be with them. But thanks anyways! <33 -Shaye

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Review #5, by Jean Willow Malfoy

2nd April 2005:
XD You're tempting me to put up two of my own stories. cept its not a fan fic. XD

Author's Response: Hehehehe YAY FOR INSPIRATION AND TEMPATION! *dances around an apple tree* O.o <33 -Shaye

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Review #6, by patchlover Potion Pairing

28th March 2005:
Great job! I can't wait for Chapter 9. :)

Author's Response: Thankssss. <3 Tori sent me a few 'sneak-peak' paragraphs of chapt. 9 and it's really guuuuud! -Shaye

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Review #7, by patchlover The feast and bashing on the side

23rd February 2005:
Great Chapter, Can't Wait For Chapter 8! :)

Author's Response: thanks! I love this chapter too...mostly cause pansy gets beat up by michiko! lol...and i love the title too : The feast and bashing on the side...i was gonna call it the Feast and Chicken on the side...but it doesnt really relate to the chapter! So i relaced chicken with bashing and PRESTO! The feast and badhing on the side!...glas you liked it, and i too are looking forward to chapter eight..shaye is writing that one. --Tori--

Author's Response: sigh..i need to learn how to spell...--tori--

Author's Response: Yeuh trying to work on it. *Sigh* I dunno whyyyy but I can't seem to write. Not in the mood? I dunno what it is. I promise I'll work on it asap. Just a little stressed out right now. -Shaye

Author's Response: dont worry shaye-shaye! I told u that i would finish writing chapter 8 for you! I just hope u get better! We dont need two people depressed...sigh i'm feeling better though...things have started to look up..sorta, see u on sunday! --Tori--

Author's Response: Okeee...thanks Tor <333

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Review #8, by patchlover Back on the Hogwarts Express

23rd February 2005:
Good Chapter, I'm Going To Go And Read Chapter 7 Now.

Author's Response: Thank you!! <3

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Review #9, by Shaye The feast and bashing on the side

22nd February 2005:
OMGZZ. xDDD *luffs teh chapter uber much* Almost done 8 soooo yeuhhh. <333

Author's Response: YAY!!! Thats soo super! I love the chapter too! but i forgots to put a disclaimer for "Every Heart" sigh oh well i shall say it here...EVERY HEART BELONGS TO WHOEVER WROTE IT...I'M NOT SURE WHO ACTUALLY DID CAUSE ITS A JAPANESE PERSON, BUT YEAH...DISCLAIMER TO EVERY HEART!....anyway on with, i cant wait to write and i hope i can think of stuff to write about, cause i'm soo stressed (u know why, i told you today) *sigh* If i only had something to write...

Author's Response: Hehehehe. Why don't you just edit the chapter summary instead of putting it here? I doubt anyone is going to spend time trying to find a disclaimer for the song in the reviews xDD anyways...yeuh I hope everything gets better for you soon. I'm a little stressed out as well...trying to deal with it though. -Shaye

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Review #10, by Tori Back on the Hogwarts Express

20th February 2005:
Great Chapter SHAYE!!!!! hehehehe i love MICHIKO...maybethats cause i invented her....hehehe poor draco, he was soo embarassed! lol

Author's Response: AHAHA thank you darling! <3 Yes Michiko is rawk. Rawk luff. xD I loved this chapter though...Hehehe Willow and her whole "DRACO MALFOY: ASHAMED OF HIS SEX LIFE" thing. *Had fun writing this chapter* Can't wait to read Chapter 7!!! :O Luff you!

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Review #11, by Shaye Michiko Rukouichi

17th February 2005:
OHEMMGEE TORIIIII. Haha I lovve you. *Sigh* Our writing contrasts so well together. *Lubbs us* Loved it and Michi is awesome! start chapt 6! <3 Shayeeeee

Author's Response: YAY!!! Thats soo super! We are sooo cool! lol i love Michiko too, such a cool character! You know what song goes perfectly with her and her background? Perfect World-Simple Plan! HHAHAHAHAH yea..i'm not crazy...cant wait to read chapter 6! --Tori--

Author's Response: Haha because we are hellawickedawesome like that, yo? -Shaye

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Review #12, by patchlover Michiko Rukouichi

17th February 2005:
Great Chapter! Can't Wait For Chapter 6. :)

Author's Response: ^.^ Thanks! I put a lot of hard work into it! I'm so happy now! lol ^.^ --Tori--

Author's Response: Ain't it great? *Luffs the chapter uber much*

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Review #13, by 1magic1 Willow Malfoy

15th February 2005:
it sounds like a grocery list with the 1st title, " soap, eggs, juice, a malfoy and some death eaters" lol

Author's Response: lol...but the chapter is great isnt it! Good going to Shaye! --Tori--

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Review #14, by Jatkinso3546 Willow Malfoy

15th February 2005:
Yikes, not so good in Dursley land today, eh? Cool opening chapter. Jac

Author's Response: lol, I just love the first chapter! Shaye-shaye wrote it and its wonderful! I'm glad you liked it too! Good going Shaye! --Tori--

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Review #15, by tori Empty in Diagon Alley

16th January 2005:
hehehehe...what a good it

Author's Response: Hah THANK YOUUUU!! <333 Can't wait to read the finished version of 5!!!! xD

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Review #16, by patchlover Empty in Diagon Alley

15th January 2005:
Great Chapter Shaye! Can't Wait For The Next One! :)

Author's Response: THANKS QUINN!!! <33 I'm not going to be writing the next one. I now own this fic with my friend, Tori :) So yeah, she's writing chapter 5. Should be up soon though!!!

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Review #17, by abt Empty in Diagon Alley

13th January 2005:

Author's Response: ?? huh ??

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Review #18, by looneylupin Willow Malfoy

13th January 2005:
hi, this is not a review but it is an invitation to come and post your fic/fics at a new Harry Potter Site. We accept all kinds and all ratings! As the site is set up and ready to go we just need authors and stories. The address is come on and post there, its free.

Author's Response: Nah. Thanks for the offer, though!

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Review #19, by patchlover Granger in danger?

21st December 2004:
Excellent Story Shaye! I Can't Wait Till The Next Chapter Is Up!

Author's Response: YAY! Thanks Quinn! I really have to get writing on the next chapter, but like you probably already know, I'm having a horrible writer's block right now. ='(

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Review #20, by Tori Granger in danger?

22nd November 2004:

Author's Response: LOLOL thaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnkkssss! =] I shall update asap! Working on the next chapter anyways...I'm probably going to work on some at school tomorrow...hah

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Review #21, by Tori Threat

22nd November 2004:
OMG why is she being such a bitch to harry???? poor harry being yelled at the way he really good chapter shaye loved it and keep up the good work!!! LYLAS, TOri

Author's Response: Hahahahahhahahahaha that's what I asked myself! But there's a reason to that! Hah! Thanks a bunch though! <33

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Review #22, by Lily Evans Threat

21st November 2004:
Very good, I'll definatly be checking back to this story! Anyways update soon, you did a real good job with the description in this sotry and the length as well!

Lily Evans

Author's Response: Well THANK YOU! =] I appreciate the review!

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Review #23, by hpluba Willow Malfoy

27th August 2004:
Nice start to the story. it's really interesting so far, and the chapter's nice and long. (Just how I like it.) Thumbs up. :-) I can't wait to read more on Willow! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you!!!! Hehe yeah I love Willow. It's a character that my friend Tori thought up =)

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Review #24, by icy_cool_hermione Willow Malfoy

21st August 2004:
good chapter....wonder wat willow's purpose is??

Author's Response: Thanks! Hehehehehe her purpose is only something that I know and shall be kept a secret for quite a while! Her real purpose won't be revealed until waay later in the fic! But thanks for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #25, by Tori Willow Malfoy

15th August 2004:
ooo thats was good shaye shaye...your writing improved!!! YEAH!!!!! lol well...dont you just love willow malfoy? but what was she doing wandering about there? hmm could she be harry's savoiur? lol well...good story keep up the good work and HAVE FUN! writing that is..

Author's Response: LOL thanks tor! Yes i DO love her! My fave character *hugs Willow* =P Is she his saviour? Maybe, maybe not! *sly grin* Hehehehhe well hopefully ull get to read the rest of it when I finish them!

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