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Review #1, by mrs_potter_13 The Late Night Rescue

22nd October 2006:
Oh that's so sad. I feel so bad for Hermione.

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Review #2, by Fuego Leaving Hogwarts Behind

8th October 2006:

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Review #3, by Daniel A Test of Loyalty

11th March 2006:

Author's Response: WOW, that was...unexpected lol but im glad you liked it anyway :P

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Review #4, by Katie27 Secrets and Uncertainties

23rd February 2006:
Good so far. I will ahve to read the rest once I get home this afternoon from the high school. I normally don't read time stories but I like this one. I will review more later! -Katie

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Review #5, by peever Number 12 Grimmald Place

10th February 2006:
its grimmauld

Author's Response: um, thanks for the spelling thing, but i was hoping for some other sort of critic response..

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Review #6, by rabidlotus Number 12 Grimmald Place

14th December 2005:
ooh! niec job!!! heheh...i ADORE the plot!!! great job writing =P wish I was that talented ^^

Author's Response: thank you *blush* i ADORE your review :P hope you keep on reading!

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Review #7, by Jules Leaving Hogwarts Behind

30th October 2005:
I feel now is a good time to review. This story really shows how you have improved as a writer. Your stories are fuller and more developed. This one is fantastic- I loved the way their trip into the past impacted their future lives especially the part about Severus- angsty, but wonderful

Author's Response: yes, soon ill revise the first story, i started it when i was 17...BLAH i hate it now so i will redo it now that my writing has improved like you said :P Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #8, by rudestar Leaving Hogwarts Behind

2nd August 2005:
this story was really good, i wasnt sure about it first but it got so much better!

Author's Response: Wow thanks! I'm glad you keep on reading then :P

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Review #9, by waterchii Leaving Hogwarts Behind

25th July 2005:
It's over? What? But... but... what about Ron? And Serena? What? Oh, this is so not fair! And I can't believe her father did that! How... how... I cried... I know, pathetic. But I mean. I just could help but think that if my father ever did that to me... I would be pissed. I would absolutly break down! Anyway, I am now going to ask the question that we are all going to ask... is there going to be some sort of sequel? Please? Pretty please! -Chii

Author's Response: wow, i really appreciate your review! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and i promise to give you some Ron/Serena action in THE SEQUEL!!! bum bum bum...thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by Serra A Father's Betrayal

22nd July 2005:
BAD SEVERUS! BAD BAD BAD!!!!!!! How DARE he betray Serena like that? I want to just...urrrrrrrrg..... Great chapter, M'dear I cannot WAIT for the next one!

Author's Response: thanks!! I know, Severus has been very bad...

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Review #11, by jennifer The Moment of Truth

7th July 2005:
wait, is that it? i like it so far!

Author's Response: thanks! I hope you'll enjoy the rest then!

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Review #12, by Serra Disobeying Orders

6th July 2005:
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Girlie, that's intense!!!! I gotta have more, man. Update as soon as you can!!!!

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Review #13, by werewolf A Test of Loyalty

28th May 2005:
awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!!!!!!!! plz, plz, plz, plz, write more!!!!!!!

Author's Response: im so glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #14, by psychokitten A Test of Loyalty

28th May 2005:
AWW! make more soon cuz these are soo amazing!

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Review #15, by psychokitten A Burning Secret

26th May 2005:
AHHH! make more soon please! I LOVETHIS ONE SOOO MUCH!

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Review #16, by psychokitten The Talisman Of Chronos

18th May 2005:
AHHH! make more soon PLEASE! I love this soooooo much!

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Review #17, by psychokitten Portkey To Some Place

18th May 2005:
*waits patiently for next chapter* MAKE MORE SOON!

Author's Response: im so glad of your persistence! :P i am almost done with the next chapter. It should be up sometime tonight.

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Review #18, by psychokitten Portkey To Some Place

12th May 2005:
Great job make more soon please!!!!!

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing once again! I'll be sure and get the next chapter up as soon as possible!

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Review #19, by psychokitten Listening to Reason

9th May 2005:
AHHHH! great job. Sorry I didn't review any of the previous ones, i hadn't read any of your stories until today. You did a magnificent job on these. Please make more soon! Im BEGGING YOU!!!!!

Author's Response: it's fine, im just glad i have a new fan! I was wondering if anyone was still reading. Thanks for you're enthusiasm, i'll be sure and update as soon as possible!!

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Review #20, by Padfoot2_Serra_Black Secrets and Uncertainties

24th April 2005:
MORE!!!! PLEASEE! *dies* heehee, I loved it, Reena. Can't wait for teh next update.

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Review #21, by my_voice_rising Number 12 Grimmald Place

13th April 2005:
Interesting point you've made, about Ron trying to be more mature for Hermione. Perhaps that's what's happening in JK's work.

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Review #22, by waterchii Brooding On Selfish Reasons

9th April 2005:
It's about time you posted. I was beginning to think you were quitting this series. In fact, it's been such a long time I had to reread the series so I know what is going on. -Chii

Author's Response: i know its taken me quite a while, and im sorry you had to reread the series. Must have taken a while. But im glad that you did and posted a comment, at least i know that i have more motivation to post chapters quicker. Thanks for the review!

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Review #23, by Padfoot2_Serra_Black Behind The Mirror

22nd September 2004:
WHOO! Reena, this is getting so GOOD!!!! MORE! Must have MORE!

Author's Response: lol YOU WILL HAVE MORE eventually, im on it!

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Review #24, by EstherPhelps Behind The Mirror

19th September 2004:
I'm liking it!! can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: thanks! glad you continued on to this one, ill update as soon as i can

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Review #25, by Kylie_Riddle Behind The Mirror

18th September 2004:
I love your story!! Update as soon as you can!!

Author's Response: thanks! I'll update as soon as possible, writers block's been getting to me *sigh* it sucks

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