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Review #1, by Houlestar 1/1

2nd January 2006:
I read this story a while back, and I saw that you got a burn. Don't worry about it. My fic "James' Sketchbook" has a partically nasty flamer, really, they are just jealous, so don't pay attention to them.

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Review #2, by Peaches and Pie 1/1

25th April 2005:
OMG that is just ... I'm in shock not only cause it's good but that just shows what can happen when you push someone too far. I liked this and I only found it going through random story's.

Author's Response: Thanks!!! I based it mainly off feelings that I have myself. -FAD

Author's Response: Thanks!!! I based it mainly off feelings that I have myself. -FAD

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Review #3, by hey hey 1/1

4th March 2005:
no no, see i want URE sexy body!!!! oh but u can want mine too.....*wink*

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Review #4, by hey hey 1/1

2nd March 2005:
dont denie it ooohhh baby!....hahaha.

Author's Response: yeah...i want yur sexy body *morse sarcasm*

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Review #5, by ditcblonde592 1/1

24th February 2005:
sure, thats what u say now......but u just wait, im to sexy to be left hanging here gurl!!!! muhehehehehehehe! u just wait! u will reply! no doubt about that! ha! i luv u cutey! awww, baby gonna cry? too bad! im evil!!!! muhehehehe! byezzzz! luv, cass the ditzy biznitch!

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Review #6, by Houlestar 1/1

24th February 2005:
Wow, strong stuff. I luv it.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #7, by ditcblonde592 1/1

19th February 2005:
hey hey hey!!! why would i EVER stop buggin u????!!!! it is just so so so so fuuuun!!!! u r such a loser!!! haha!!! i cant bug u all the time in school so i enjoy doin it on the comp.!!!! muhehehehehe!!!! and u r so fun to bug cause u r sooooo c-u-t-e cute!!!!!! yes u r....yes u r....awwww! hehe, cant beet this!!!! cant touch this nananana!!!! im to sexy for my sox!!!! to sexy for my sox!!!! so sexy it huuurtz!!! hehe. well u need to go look for a life ill leeve u to do that!!! oh, and ps. eric ripley is sooooo dreamy!!!! ha! luv yuz! britt britt! luv, cassie the ditzy dumnut!!!!

Author's Response: SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUP! I'm not writing to you anymore!

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Review #8, by ditcblonde592 1/1

29th January 2005:
ya nowhat britt britt? BLAK IS AN EVIL COLOR!!!!! so u can diss my favorite color all u want because one day.....*grrrrrr* will get revenge!!! oh and i know, its cause i am so sweet! and ive known u since llloooonnngggg time ago, so i no how sweet u are! oh but u realy shud make a lame award speech, im sure u'd be GREAT at it! luv ya britt britt! -cass

Author's Response: Cassie...STOP BUGGING ME!

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Review #9, by Harry_Snape_Ron_Hermione 1/1

17th January 2005:
Oh, why don't you just go insult someone else Burn, a.k.a., Simon Cowell! This isn't American Idol, Burn! This is a really great and sad story! But you wouldn't know, would you? Don't worry, FallenAngelDemon, I liked BOTH of your stories. Although, this one is pretty sad. So, you know what "Burn", why don't you go shove it up yor face? FallenAngelDemon, sorry I wrote that, but I didn't want to see an insulting review. Whatever you do, DON'T ERASE THIS STORY OR YOUR OTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Please

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked my stories. Oh, so you know who this eledged 'burn' is...just give me a name an a location and I will rip the skin from their face....^_^...I'm a bit sadistic...just a bit...

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Review #10, by ditcblonde592 1/1

17th January 2005:
ya know what britt? i just looked over your reviews and saw that mean one about u being a bad author*grrrrrr* i might think your story was said but it was deffinatly NOT bad!!!! i think "burn" can go shove it! i think u r an EXELLENT writer! i just luv u! oh and gurl.....CONGRADULATIONS for having the most LAMEST excuse for killing off SNAPE!!! there, u happy know? muhehe! luv cass!

Author's Response: aww...thanks cassie! And I'll be sure to thank you in my most lame excuse award speech...PINK MUST DIE!

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Review #11, by ditcblonde592 1/1

16th January 2005:
OH NO U DIDNT GURL!!! why did u do that?? i seriusly shed tears on this one...i didnt do that on any of ure other ones britt!! it was well written but extremely sad! *sniffles* i thot u liked snape? well then whyed u kill him off eh? lol, w/e gurl plz write more if u want! hehe, luv from cassie!

Author's Response: HI CASSIE! I know, I cried too! I'm sorry! And I do like snape...I just killed him because that was how the story went!..prize to me for the worlds most aweful excuse!

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Review #12, by yaf4HP 1/1

31st December 2004:
tell burn to piss off i liked it im going to read you other stories now . i thought it was well written and had a good twist .though i did think you could have left the rape out off it but its your choice well done

Author's Response: Ha! Thanks! I REALY apriciate it!

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Review #13, by Burn 1/1

9th July 2004:
Yeah...this is just stupid...I really think you should delete it and stop writing stories...along with the other one...A Father and His Daughter. If I came on to read something as idiotic as that I would've asked for it! God! U are a HORRIBLE writer!

Author's Response: According to my reserch throughout my account I've discovered that you, miss, should shut your trap! Apparently, it is NOT stupid if the other reveiws say that THEY LIKED IT!

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Review #14, by Deadly_sins_Snape 1/1

3rd July 2004:
Wow...that was...brilliant! i adored that! well done!

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch!

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