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Review #1, by ashley m Graduation

8th April 2005:
That was so perfect.

Author's Response: *staggers* Thank you so much! That is quite the high compliment, especially considering the "constructive critisism" I've recieved about it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story, review, and like it!

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Review #2, by Mystic Moonstone Graduation

23rd January 2005:
OMG so cute a great story... will there be another chapter? or was it a 1 chapter story?

Author's Response: I'm thinking one chapter. I couldn't think of a way to continue it!

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Review #3, by amesbond Graduation

14th July 2004:
wat were u thinkin! 17 and getting married! tay:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Author's Response: ahem harry was 18 and my granma got married at 17, and she was still in high school!

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Review #4, by amesbond Graduation

12th July 2004:
very good even though i knew it was coming! loved it!

Author's Response: well, im so gald.

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Review #5, by The Almighty Purple Leprechaun Graduation

6th July 2004:
Another note: Luna is in the same year as Harry...

Author's Response: na ah!!!!!!! she's in ginny's year! GO BACK AND CHECK!!!!!!

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Review #6, by The Almighty Purple Leprechaun Graduation

6th July 2004:
It's really good, but it doesn't look finished--it cuts off at Colin Creevey...almost nowhere was Ginny mentioned...only Luna...PLEASE CHANGE! (And stop writing tortures me...)

Author's Response: i fixed it. so sorry! and i dont care if u dont like my one-shots!

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Review #7, by Anne Graduation

6th July 2004:
UPDATE!!! al I have to say...

Author's Response: its finished!!

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Review #8, by katie Graduation

5th July 2004:
is that really the end of the story. if it is what did harry have to tell ginny. if it is not then why does it sat so on the discription

Author's Response: weeeeeeeeeeell.....i kinda sorta forgot some of the story... but it's all there now!

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Review #9, by Emma3 Graduation

3rd July 2004:
That was excellent! Are you going to write more?

Author's Response: thank u! its finished, as it always was. but there was an error ande *blah*. so now it's COMPLETELY finished!

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Review #10, by CountessKatook Graduation

3rd July 2004:
It's good but did you mean to cut it off at the end like that? Bring on the H/G fluff!!! Lol, >adds to favorites

Author's Response: THANK U!!!!!!!!! it's coming, i prominse. (though fluff is not my strong point...)

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Review #11, by jessi Graduation

3rd July 2004:
umm that ending of the chapter was a tad confusing but otherwise i was getting into it! please keep writing i want to see y harry is there

Author's Response: okaie dokie! it's *intirely* done now! i messed up when i copied and pasted, but it's fixed!

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