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Review #1, by Dracogirl_86 n/a

6th September 2007:
This is such a good story! I absolutely loved it! It's nice to see how Sirius accepted his death.

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Review #2, by madds n/a

8th March 2005:
this is great! you should carry it on into a real story you know? =) i loved it - was the big mirror ghosty land where lily and james went while the hills made you a ghost?

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Review #3, by QueenofAttolia n/a

19th November 2004:
SIRIUS! *sob* I am in denial about his death! *sob* JK, PLEASE, bring him back!

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Review #4, by Searcy n/a

17th November 2004:
I love the set up you have with this one shot...very cool the way Sirius accepts his death...the emotions he's feeling really come through in that piece...I really like it

Author's Response: Thanx tons! I love to know what I'm doing right!

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Review #5, by Emerald_Angel n/a

23rd October 2004:
Nooooo don't step through! That's like finalizing your death!

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Review #6, by DanielRadcliffeandMe n/a

31st August 2004:
Hi Syd. I POSTED MY STORY! YAY! I reread yours and it's sooo good. Please keep posting! Love and miss ya!

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Review #7, by Ranwen n/a

7th August 2004:
I loved your story. Absolutly wonderful. I liked how you showed the ghosts as being outside 'death'. Now I wonder, what happens next?

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Review #8, by ashley n/a

8th July 2004:
good this is a good start

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Review #9, by FallingAngelDemon n/a

5th July 2004:
*Gasps* He stepped through the mirrior. Where the heck does it go! I like the idea of the whole thing. Should you continue, I shall be reading. Should you can guess.

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