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Review #1, by SummerWind one shot, really

7th January 2010:
Ron and Harry, really??
I don't really like that pair! Sorry!

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Review #2, by Just a reader one shot, really

23rd February 2006:
So did James Potter also come back to life? damn those Potters, unkillable things. xP ^^, Poor Harry. :( I'm glad that he came back to life but I would have liked the pairing better if it was Harry/Draco. :D Overall a good story.

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Review #3, by ~ one shot, really

11th February 2006:
um... I think it's a pretty cool idea. no one ever writes H/R fics, so I'm glad somebody did, even if I don't think they should end up together. It's a bit uncannon (is that a word?). Love is an excelent cure for cancer if you ask me. gosh... not much to say really... I hope Hermione didn't feel left out...

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Review #4, by vs one shot, really

2nd November 2005:
Welldone that was a great story. I congradulate you. Welldone.

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Review #5, by samantha goguen one shot, really

6th July 2005:
That was all good except the last part*giggle*so*hiccup*freaken weird!*lol*

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Review #6, by cxpkx one shot, really

4th June 2005:
Interesting story...A little bit weird at the end how Harry and Ron kissed. Are they homosexual? I have no problem with that...its just very weird. Other than that...its cool...very different. -pk-

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Review #7, by EmmalenaGranger one shot, really

30th August 2004:
I like the idea you had here, it was certianly interesting although I would like to know a little more back ground to the stuff about their feelings or the cancer but otherwise it is good well done. Emmalena

Author's Response: thank you em! this was a one shot sorry.

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Review #8, by LoverofDracoMalfoy one shot, really

10th August 2004:
Oh yeah and im glad Harry died cause he can go suck monkey balls. What was the Malfoy/Harry thing im lost. But when Harry came back to life i was bout to cry

Author's Response: yeah, Harry's not the coolest. and Malfoy;s cool, though. Harry became freinds wit Malfoy secretly, think. Byezie!

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Review #9, by LoverofDracoMalfoy one shot, really

10th August 2004:
EEEWWWWW bad combination hey i told you i would read it Abetter combination is Hermione Ron or Hermione Harry (< Not really) or Hermione Draco

Author's Response: well, thank you for that lovely review. so apart from the combination did you enjoy it?

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Review #10, by Siriuslover one shot, really

7th July 2004:
That was sooo sweet! I love it and I usually don't like mushy things like that! I'm alittle confused about the ending though!

Author's Response: wow. um, thanks. that's one of the only postive points in the reviews so far, though i think everyone said something nice about it, anyway. um, thanks for the review, Byezie!

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Review #11, by Cockatrice one shot, really

4th July 2004:
cool story...kinda creepy...but realy well writen the kiss was like eww....but i dont have any problem with homosexuals ok...and thanks to kur aswell

Author's Response: yeah, give Kur the credit aswell. thanks for the review, i aprectiate it, Byezie!

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Review #12, by Ant one shot, really

3rd July 2004:
Harry and Ron turning gay? WHY?

Gosh, this story is not good for my liking. BAD actually!

Author's Response: well, i did put Slash into the warnings, i'm sorry, maybe i should mention it more, anyway, sorry for the gay, oh well, Byezie!

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Review #13, by WolfChild one shot, really

2nd July 2004:
It was pretty good. I liked the whole idea about wizard cancer and Harry dieing, but the love thing was a little messed up. Did Ron and Harry turn gay at the end there? Other then that it was good.

Author's Response: Harry and Ron turned gay, yep. thanks for the review, still don't know if there's gonna be another chapter, though...

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