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Review #1, by DracoS_girl674 Dilemma

14th April 2007:
omg! that is so cool! i love it

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Review #2, by missescharlieweasly Dilemma

19th July 2006:
haha cute, you should continue it, i enjoyed it.

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Review #3, by Jane Dilemma

30th April 2006:
interesting read. you portrayed blaise really well.

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Review #4, by Sarah Dilemma

22nd March 2006:

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Review #5, by Bubblegum Rock Princess Dilemma

27th December 2005:
Ooh! I forgot to ask, could you write a Blaise/Hermionie romance fic? That would be awesome, or maybe just another story about him/her... I like the way you portray this character.

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Review #6, by Bubblegum Rock Princess Dilemma

27th December 2005:
Wow... Just.. Interesting story... but still, wow.

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Review #7, by Caralynne Dilemma

12th August 2005:
Lol....I'm guessing Blaise is...a shman? I dunno...

Author's Response: lol. good guess.

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Review #8, by isgrid Dilemma

26th July 2005:
very intersting story, just the same way you couldnt stop writing i couldnt stop reading..., but ermmmm is he or she??? lol this was quite a very intersting story in a way i cant describe very well... but i liked it a lot, =) it even made me laugh out loud lol i like your stories

Author's Response: hahaha, thanks!!! and as for it being a girl or a boy, telling you really wouldn't be fair, now would it? :-D

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Review #9, by sabre Dilemma

7th June 2005:
I loved that story! It's hillarious! Anyhow, Blaise is a boy. J.K. Rowling confirmed that it one of her interveiw things. you can check on or something to confirm.

Author's Response: oh, i know blaise is a boy. i've known for a long time now... lol. i got the idea for the story a WHILE ago, though, before i knew for sure, and i started writing it after i found out. i'm glad you loved it!

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Review #10, by Spider Legs Dilemma

7th May 2005:
Enchanting story, love... The whole gender confusion was simply twisted... Puts me in mind of myself... Am I a male or female? <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censoreding with peoples heads is so amusing... I suggest you write more of your captavating stories...

Author's Response: captivating, is it? that's a new one! thanks a lot!

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Review #11, by kitty Dilemma

18th April 2005:
So is this the end, or is it going to continue for a little bit? It's very good by the way.

Author's Response: yeah, this is the end. you're not too sad, are you? i'm sorry if you are. thanks for reading!

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Review #12, by Fuzzy_Slippers Dilemma

7th February 2005:
lol, this is an awesome little story! love it!

Author's Response: thanks bunches!

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Review #13, by Jaxter Dilemma

20th August 2004:
Haha, thats totally like Hermoinie. Everyone says drop it and she can't lol good one :)

Author's Response: lol thanks a bunch! glad you liked it!

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Review #14, by glinfaewyn Dilemma

28th July 2004:
That was really interesting. It was really good, too. I don't really know how to put what I thought about it in words. Blaise is just... Blaise. Maybe he/she is transgender or something like that. He/she is certainly weird enough to be. You did a really good job with Blaise's personality.

Author's Response: Thank you! I absolutely love writing Blaise because he can be whatever I want him to be, since he has no personality yet. He's just a name. So, glad you liked it!

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Review #15, by ladyminina Dilemma

21st July 2004:
that was really really really really really good

Author's Response: thank you very very very very very much! lol

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Review #16, by lizzya Dilemma

2nd July 2004:
I have always wondered Blaise Zabini's gender.........50% of fics say guy, and 50% Good story!

Author's Response: heh! so have i! but it turns out that Blaise is actually a guy. J.K. said so in an interview!

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