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Review #1, by Dracostruelove612 Choosing

22nd January 2008:
pretty good, is this all supposed to be in the past?

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Review #2, by mouse They Transform

27th July 2005:
This is good but I think you should write some seeing as this ending doesn't have much impact...

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Review #3, by Ash Black They Transform

10th January 2005:
>> Yes! great story! Poor mopey / withdrawn James. He's kind of like Harry in a way, isn't he? I'm a STAG! Yes! Absoluetly hilarious!

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Review #4, by Ash Black The Trip to the Toilets

10th January 2005:
>> WHY is this in the girls bathroom? LOL, excellent story!

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Review #5, by Ash Black Choosing

10th January 2005:
>> These poor people... i wonder if Peter will be happy or dissapointed about being a rat... (?)... Lily is very in character, it's just another great story by you. :D

Author's Response: glad u liked it thanks for the review

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Review #6, by Lizzy87 They Transform

19th October 2004:
I like it, but I dont understand the stuff bout peter's brother.... he's never mentioned in the books, and if you just made him up,why didn't you give him a name???? the other problem i had with it was that you called everybody by their first name except Remus Lupin.... that just really bugs me..... people need to get that through their heads, HIS NAME IS REMUS, not Lupin! otherwise it was a good fic, not great, but good.

Author's Response: ok lizzy87 u need to calm down and watch that blood pressure, id hate to cause u a heart attack, i am sincerly sorry for calling him lupin i assure u i have seen the error of my ways. moving on peter's brother was just cannon fodder so i didn't feel the need to give him a name. thank you for the review and the weak praise.

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Review #7, by JK Rowling Choosing

10th August 2004:
Very funny, but what was Peter's brother?

Author's Response: He was a bug. Being a very insignificant character I don't feel the need to specify what type of bug.

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Review #8, by Melissa Black They Transform

13th July 2004:
Great Job! But what was peter's brother?

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Review #9, by Alex They Transform

9th July 2004:
Aye up, chuck! I've b een offline for a few days and when i come back there's this masterpiece waiting for me! Deer vs. Stag, how thrilling! And I can't believe they killed Peter's brother! Although, Sirius is getting as self-absorbed as a certain scarheaded names mentioned. Anyways, keep up the good work, chuck.

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Review #10, by ThreeMarauders They Transform

4th July 2004:
Oh, wow... not a deer, Remmie, a stag. Big mistake there. Yeah, whatever, Jamesie. Okay, I'm going to be honest and say this wasn't the best story in the world. I didn't quite get the brother squashing thing (at least that is what I'm assuming happened) and, it was mostly good but some of it is slightly stupid, like the deer vs. stag incident. I love comedy, but that's just crazy.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, but I didn't really understand it! lol. What is so crazy about a deer vs. stag.

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