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Review #1, by KittKatTiff Just Right

19th January 2011:
What an awesome story! Loved it immensely! Good work :)

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Review #2, by Purrwings Just Right

26th September 2007:
~sighs while munching chocolate with crush so beautif-m
*Crush snogs me senseless* what? yeah great ~continues snogging.

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Review #3, by JamieL_A_M_P_Weasley Just Right

30th July 2007:

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Review #4, by BatSEnecal Just Right

14th June 2007:
Ahhh, how sweet. This was a really cute story.

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Review #5, by FayeMalfoy Just Right

13th March 2007:
i liked it

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Review #6, by minnie Just Right

22nd February 2007:
I love the fact everything worked out alringt for them

Real love, sigh. I wonder when I'll find it.

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Review #7, by moii Just Right

18th February 2007:

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Review #8, by obsessive Just Right

28th January 2007:
Yay! He showed up after all. I'm so happy for Ginny. It's nice they got to spend time together. Awesome one-shot. I loved it.

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Review #9, by Life after death Just Right

21st November 2005:
Awwww. Please write more fan fics. Yours are brilliant!

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Review #10, by Nancy Just Right

27th August 2005:

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Review #11, by allie Just Right

30th July 2005:
i liked the line: I have now reached a all time low, go me.

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Review #12, by pixie Just Right

7th July 2005:
I really liked your story. I hit the random story button and it poped up. I feel like that sometimes too and its funny when you think about it later on because you really DO seem pathetic. Anyways, good job, I enjoyed it. hehe, piddlefoot...

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Review #13, by crystalflyfaery Just Right

12th May 2005:
that is great. i have felt like that so many times its pitiful. and i love, absolutely love, the part 'That has to be the most dismal statement yet. I have now reached an all time low. Go me.' I do that all the time and its just the funniest thing (srry i havent any sleep and am out of it ^.^) ever. well go you, you rock!

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Review #14, by life_is_good Just Right

4th July 2004:
That was totally awesome!

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Review #15, by hry pttr Just Right

4th July 2004:
awww, i didnt know harry was so sweet...what was that? hes not? oh well, im sure he will get more mature later on....and it makes a very good story

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Review #16, by Emma3 Just Right

2nd July 2004:
That is so sweet!

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