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Review #1, by kirby Song 7 The curse

13th July 2004:
not to be negetive or anything-the plot was good but i think it was a bit short--just a little advice

Author's Response: Thanks for the advice but it was meant to be a short story.

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Review #2, by mellie song2 Hermione's cry for help

6th July 2004:
at first i thought but after reading it i see your point of view.. it's interesting. i like it, the song was perfect.

Author's Response: Well thanks I think. I'm not quiet sure what you were trying to say.

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Review #3, by AmyChris Song5 Ron's crusade

4th July 2004:
Wow! This is really interesting! I never read a fic about Hermione going evil before! I'm really curious to what will happen next!

Author's Response: Well I'm planning to turn Hermione evil again when I finish the other fics I am currently working on. So stay tuned. ::evil grin::

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Review #4, by Siriuslover Song4 Draco's truth

2nd July 2004:
This so describes Draco!!!! Thank God I'm not the only 1 that thinks they belong together It's really good hope to read more from you!!!!! keep it up, love ya

Author's Response: Thanks but sadly I just couldn't go through with it.

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Review #5, by irishlily Song1

2nd July 2004:
I luv it. Plz write more soon

Author's Response: It's completed if you are still around.

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Review #6, by Kiarah song2 Hermione's cry for help

2nd July 2004:
I like the new twist with Hermione on the dark side. I would like to hear more about it.

Author's Response: Don't worry there is more to come of the evil little Hermione in the future.

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Review #7, by numb with pain Song4 Draco's truth

2nd July 2004:
wow- this is really good... really planned out too. personally, i think that you could have a little more storyline or plot inbetween the lyrics but good job anyways...

Author's Response: As my first songfic I look back on it with a mixture of emotions. One being disappointment and the other being pride at even trying. I hope that my songfics have gotten better now. Perhaps you could try "A Battle Between Good and Evil."

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Review #8, by Susannah song2 Hermione's cry for help

1st July 2004:
I thought it was loads good.

Author's Response: This is my first review ever. Thank you for your input. I appreciate it.

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