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Review #1, by HarrietHopkirk Chapter Thirteen: Coming and Going

6th December 2008:
aaw i love this story!! x

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Review #2, by GinnyLOVEHARRY Chapter Thirteen: Coming and Going

31st July 2007:

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Review #3, by Hermione12124 Chapter Twelve: Living on a Prayer

20th June 2007:
I loved this chapter! As soon as I read that Hermione didn't want any fire-whiskey, I just knew she was pregnant. I can't wait to read the rest of the story.
Keep Writing! ;o)

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Review #4, by Hermione12124 Chapter Eleven: This Moment On

20th June 2007:
I know I should have reviewed sooner, because I love this story so much... but I hardly ever review for anything...but anyway, here goes: I love the whole story overall, but I especially love how you did the wedding. Many people would zip through it and not care for the details, but the way you did that was fantastic. And the scene with Draco in it... I almost cried. You are a very talented writer; I love your stories and I can't wait for more!
Keep Writing! ;o)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much... I always thought it took a lot more work to cause the waterworks in writing than in films... so I'm so completely flattered. Thank you so much!

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Review #5, by jjaaeehp Chapter Three: Very Last Firsts

29th December 2006:
sad, made me teary, but incredibly good

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Review #6, by jjaaeehp Chapter One: Valentine's Day (Updated 7.3.04)

28th December 2006:
wonderfully romantic

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Review #7, by ralj1640 Chapter Two: Planning of the Future

25th December 2006:
Prom? don't you mean dance

Author's Response: prom is short for promenade..

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Review #8, by ron_hermione_fan(not logged in) Chapter Thirteen: Coming and Going

26th August 2006:
wow! this story is like amazing!!!! u rock u should make an epiloge to this story 2!!!!!!!

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Review #9, by ron_hermione_fan Chapter Seven: A Christmas to Remember

25th August 2006:
sweet story !!!! i love it so far i have 2 go now but i'llk read the rest really soon!!!!!!!!!


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Review #10, by gryffindor_girl731 Chapter Seven: A Christmas to Remember

6th July 2006:
aww that was soo sweat

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Review #11, by gryffindor_girl731 Harry's Crucible Part Two: The Sun Still Rises

5th July 2006:
woho voldamort gone

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Review #12, by gryffindor_girl731 Chapter One: Valentine's Day (Updated 7.3.04)

3rd July 2006:

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Review #13, by Rhys Chapter Thirteen: Coming and Going

14th March 2006:
That was an amazing story as was the first part you really do capture emotions very well and i must say that i really liked you putting in music as soon as i recognized what song you had playing i would put in on and then read it really makes what mood your trying to convey stand out so i would like to say i really liked that aspect also keep writing your amazing have a good day

Author's Response: Oh wow, I love the fact that you were able to put on the songs while you were reading! Great idea, and thanks for reviewing!! xo SPB

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Review #14, by Blu_Canine *Not logged in* Chapter Thirteen: Coming and Going

12th December 2005:
That story...And the last...Was awesome! I really hope you write more Ron/Hermione fics, you've done it so well! Congrats, and good luck for future fics!

Author's Response: Aw... thank you so much! I definitely recommend that you read Forbidden Fairytale. It's sort of a combined Hermione/Draco, Hermione/Ron kind of thing. It's also written a bit differently. I was fresh from reading Francesca Lia Block books, so that's the style and influence. Thanks again, xo SPB

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Review #15, by kellymcl Chapter Thirteen: Coming and Going

4th August 2005:
NIce ending to a great story. - - Kelly

Author's Response: Thanks, it's nice to see people are still reading the other stories... Check out forbidden fairytale if you haven't already. I've got the prequel and the companion story/sequel in the works already. xo SPB

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Review #16, by kellymcl Chapter Twelve: Living on a Prayer

16th May 2005:
Aw that's cute. You make me beleive they'll be ok too! lol

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Review #17, by Christy Chapter Ten: Things You Can't Undo

14th March 2005:
Plez continue the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really enjoying it and I'm anticipating the next chapter so when ya get a chance..... ;) I like the epilogue, but I still think the actual story- In love and War, was the best!

Author's Response: Oooh it's been so long since I updated. Things have gotten a bit crazy. In the words of my boyfriend, "High school drama..." Whatever, anyway, lol. Updates will be up sooooon, I promise. I'm just getting motivated again and I'm working on things tonight. Of course my birthday and other things are coming up soon so, I guess "promises are better left unsaid," tehe. Anyway, yea, I'm babbling. Don't get too impatient with me! xoxo SPB

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Review #18, by crazy skiier Chapter Three: Very Last Firsts

27th February 2005:
this was the most well written fanfiction chapter i have ever written. the way you used the songs' lyrics dispersed throughout was amazing. i myself am graduating this year and was almost crying when i read this chapter. NICE JOB!

Author's Response: Well good luck with your graduation and the whole future thing, lol. Yeah, you aren't the first who has said this kind of thing about this chapter. I guess when I wrote it I didn't realize how it could affect readers, since I'm a long way from graduating anything. Thanks for R&Ring xo Sodapopbabii

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Review #19, by kellymcl Chapter Ten: Things You Can't Undo

21st February 2005:
I love your story! It's so sweet. I also love the relationship between Draco and Hermione, it's kind of fun. Keep on writing!

Author's Response: I know how can I resist putting a little Draco and Hermione in it, even if all along Hermione is meant to be with Ron. I repeat, how could I resist? xo SPB

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Review #20, by Colonel2018 Chapter Ten: Things You Can't Undo

21st February 2005:
thanx for posting great as always keep on writing!!!

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Review #21, by moeroe Chapter Nine: Wait's End

20th February 2005:
your writing is very good and most definitely a page-turner. the climax/end of your whole fanfic is sex? interesting. in any case, i love the focus of your story. i rarely questioned your portrayal of the characters and their relationships, and that is saying something! Great story!

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Review #22, by Sophia Montgomery Chapter Nine: Wait's End

15th February 2005:
Vindicated is a great song, and so is your story. Your 1st story was spellbinding, and I was so enjoyable to read this sequel.

Author's Response: thank you muchly

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Review #23, by Princess Storm Chapter Nine: Wait's End

23rd January 2005:
Oh my Gawd! I loved it. It was wonderful. Good job writing and decribing everything. you caught the want really good. I love the much stuff. it really adds that extra to the story. great job! and once again i loved it.

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Review #24, by Princess Storm Chapter Four: Moving Day

21st January 2005:
car can't be idling if it's not started.

Author's Response: I'm sorry? hehe... where was that mistake? If you tell me the chapter, I'll fix it.

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Review #25, by Rupertinspiresme Chapter Seven: A Christmas to Remember

18th January 2005:
OMG! I loved it, on to the next chapter!

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