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Review #1, by abby Truth or dare

30th December 2011:
Who is raven why did you introduce a random character for a one-shot? It wasn't weel-written nor was it a good story line, your lucky it was so short or people wouldn't have finished reading

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Review #2, by Amy Alden Truth or dare

14th November 2010:
Im very sorry but i do not like this as it is very confusing there are other charecters and you jump right into kissing its just too... But a good attempt anyhow. x

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Review #3, by weluvjamesandcharlie Truth or dare

10th December 2007:
um...what?!?!?! hermione and harry cousins? i can describe that in one word: EW

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Review #4, by irishdancer321 Truth or dare

22nd March 2005:
not such a great story. when i read it things just kind of jumped from section to section without connection. the sentences were too short, and i didn't get about sirius saying we're in the middle of a meeting. plus you spelled meeting wrong. other than those mess ups nice mush.

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Review #5, by Kimberly Grace Truth or dare

25th September 2004:
Juvenille Crap.

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Review #6, by anynomous Truth or dare

22nd August 2004:
no offense, but ever heard of a beta reader?

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Review #7, by WizardGirlie Truth or dare

4th August 2004:
I dont get it but cho and ginny got so jealous lol

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Review #8, by Emilybabe Truth or dare

15th July 2004:
This story is a little confusing, so try to explain more, like how does Hermione have a cousin. How is Harry her cousin? (did i say that right) Please continue the story. I would like to know what happens next. P.S. Are Ron and Raven dating?

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Review #9, by Mrs Nikay Weasley Truth or dare

29th June 2004:

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Review #10, by PunkMonkey Truth or dare

28th June 2004:
That was...interesting. Hard to read, no real story line, confusing, overall pretty bad.

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Review #11, by shannon Truth or dare

28th June 2004:
ok that was a good story it just needed some more details but other than that it had a good storyline. update

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Review #12, by Kristen Truth or dare

28th June 2004:
You need to improve this story so much I wouldn't bother if I were you. What i should do is relax and think fr a good plot and a good title. If in the mean time nothing come to your head, read other stories to see how others write.

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Review #13, by HPfan Truth or dare

28th June 2004:
that was pretty dumb....i could barely read it!! fix that, put spaces in, and what a dumb idea for a story!

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