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Review #1, by Rachel Masking Marks

19th June 2005:

Author's Response: thanks ^^ I really try to write the next chapter at the moment.

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Review #2, by Anna Masking Marks

13th July 2004:
ahhhh! cliff-hanger! update now! NOW!!

Author's Response: As Cracking the Hourglass is a co-production, it may take a while for another update ^^ If you're interested in a future snippet, feel free to visit The story's name is 'In the Bath' ^^

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Review #3, by
 Masking Marks

2nd July 2004:
FINALLY, the picture showed up!

Author's Response: I'm not sure which story you really mean, but if you're referring to the one that was posted by 'anonymous', I haven't read it. I like to get fics recommended, but I refuse to read the story you post as a review for my story. Sorry

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Review #4, by login