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Review #1, by drluver Hellish Grief

1st July 2005:
keep going

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Review #2, by Pooka. Hellish Grief

28th May 2005:
Um...I don't think the song fits. The song's about being haunted by a dead lover...and the fic's about Hermione crying in the rain, by a swingset, into Harry's shoulder. I don't get the cutting...and I don't get Hermione cutting. Sure, I know she's upset, but it doesn't seem very canon to me. I don't see any of the physcology behind slef mutilation coming into play here...

Author's Response: Maybe the song doesn't fit, but in my opinon, it fits right on. Ron is dead or gone in some way, and Hermione is grieving for him. And the cutting I don't think of as an ongoing thing, just a one time thing. Maybe she was going to commit suicide but couldn't, so just cut herself instead.

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Review #3, by candy_shop Hellish Grief

19th April 2005:
AHHHH.... soo beautiful... i feel like crying... i luv dat song.... i was looking for a story with a song dat i actully knew... ohhh.... im a huge ron/hermione FAN!!! this story is sooo deep i luv it!!! im gonna see if u hav any other!!! Deep, very deep

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Review #4, by Muggleborn Hellish Grief

13th March 2005:
I'm crying! I love this story so much! Oh my God I've never cried like this before, and with Hermione being all suicidal in the end, all I can say is wow, that was really powerful. You're an awesome writer.

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Review #5, by LuvsHarry Hellish Grief

27th February 2005:
I actually was not freaked out by this, as some people would have been. It was actually cool to see a different side of Hermione...she was actually sad. Not creepy at all. This is awesome! Keep up the good writing!

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Review #6, by Trick9 Hellish Grief

3rd December 2004:
Wow...Uh...I like the song. But you made Hermione sound Goth...and creepy.

Author's Response: I'm sorry if I made Hermione sound a bit against canon, as it was not my intention. I just meant to bring out a different side of Hermione that we do not see very often, brought out by the death of someone very close to her.

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Review #7, by Kamaria Hellish Grief

4th July 2004:
WOW! Elan that was so very heart taking and i actualy feel her pain that was really good Elan!

Author's Response: Thank you, Kama, always appreciate your reviews! So positive and complimentary. *not being sarcastic*

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Review #8, by lilBlondi Hellish Grief

2nd July 2004:
ELIE GURL!!! U NEED TO GET AWAY FROM STORIES ABOUT THIS!! ugggg you know i'm about to go buy "Phycology for dummies"! they hav such a thing ya know!

Author's Response: Lauren, I hate to say this to one of my girls, but please, get a LIFE. You were probably just trying to be funny since you had no clue what else to say, but rating my story as low as you did killed whatever humor you were trying to add.

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Review #9, by Aliya Black Hellish Grief

28th June 2004:
Noway I really liked it a lot, nothing can freak me out. I like these kind of stories.

Author's Response: So do I, can you tell?

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Review #10, by darkcandle198 Hellish Grief

28th June 2004:
Wow. Wow. I love that song, and the song goes perfectly with the story. I wasn't freaked out at all. I love it.

Author's Response: Thank you. I was hoping that the song went well with it.

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Review #11, by Mark Hellish Grief

28th June 2004:
Excellent little tale, playing the song while you read it brings it to life. Not freaked out at all, 'cos I'm clinically depressed already!

Author's Response: That makes two of us.

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Review #12, by Aliya Black Hellish Grief

26th June 2004:
WOW!!! this was really really good I liked it allot.

Author's Response: For once I believe I got a reader who was not freaked out... even a bit. Or maybe you were and just did not seem to feel the urge to mention it, perhaps.

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