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Review #1, by Luna_Moon  Why ?

1st May 2005:
u really really need to make ur chappies longer

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Review #2, by Alicia  Why ?

4th November 2004:
I really like your story. make a new one soon!!

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Review #3, by Nat  Why ?

5th October 2004:
Okay! This is confusing me! Does Ray like Malfoy or Harry??? Malfoy was the one she liked first but... she found out that he was a complete drongo!!! Obviously they aren't... they DIDN'T!!! Extremely odd!!! She was just (maybe) about to do it with Harry but then she does it with Malfoy?! This is weird... But well written (and I like it). It would be better though if you did longer chapters!!!

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Review #4, by QueneArual  Why ?

23rd August 2004:
This is a good story, but you need to update it more often.

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Review #5, by 666-420-69  The first offense

26th June 2004:
WHAT THE censored , I HATE THIS censored ING STORY!! Sorry, wrong person, but my backspace key is broken, so I can't erase it! I like this story though, it's cool! Well I rate it a 1/10, sorry, 10/10, this backspace is friving........censored......DRIVING me crazy, I hope for you to have lots of starz.........I likeitwithaZ. censored myspacebarisbrokennow.I-guess-I'll-hyphinate.---censoreding-key-board-woe,-the-f-didn't-capitalize-the-shift-is-broke.okay,-i'll-just-submit-it.censored------the-mous,wait,okay,it-works-now.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review . I hope to do a few more stories .

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