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Review #1, by catkid25 The Beginning of the End

6th November 2010:
Suspenseful moment. Who will she choose?

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Review #2, by Jennifer16 The Beginning of the End

9th July 2010:
I like the story so far... actually I LOVE it!! :D
But there is one thing that has me can she be having Lupin's son if the day she found out she was pregnant was the day Lupin confessed his love to her? I really don't get how that can be possible... :(
Can you please explain that??? I would really appreciate it!! :D Other than that, this story is really good!!! (^_^)

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Review #3, by Zaphiie The Beginning of the End

30th June 2010:
This is brilliant, why haven't you continued it?

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Review #4, by duckgirl The Beginning of the End

31st December 2009:
I really like this story idea, however the timeline seems to be a bit messed up. You keep on switching from the point in the books where Sirus ha just died to the point where Dumbledore has just died.
The rest of the story is okay, though I do want to punch both Remus and Lily at the moment and feel like that plot line is a little out there.

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Review #5, by Taylorxxsue The Beginning of the End

2nd February 2009:
I think I am going to kill Remus
and he is in my top favorite characters (number 5)
Great job.
I hope you might consider finishing

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Review #6, by cheerio015 The Beginning of the End

1st January 2008:
keep goin!!! this is rly good!!!
and i love the idea!!!
we still dont know what happened with moody, mrs. weasley, the dursleys, and everyone else after they found out harry was gone! ;)

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Review #7, by AK Carmel The Jewelry Box

31st December 2007:
I'm soo excited about reading the next chapter, but I can't at the moment, i suppose I'll have to favorite this! lol
Happy New Year!

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Review #8, by cheerio015 It's Just a Bloody Date

31st December 2007:
haha. AWWKKKWWAARRRDDD! lol... that was hilarious!!!

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Review #9, by Arcane The Beginning of the End

6th December 2007:
Please, please, please update! This story is fantastic!

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Review #10, by Cheeky Monkey The Beginning of the End

30th October 2007:
OMG please update!! kwl story so far.

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Review #11, by Football_girl The Beginning of the End

19th October 2007:
This was a wonderful chapter!! The wait was worth it! It's very sad and very intriguing! Keep it up, please.

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Review #12, by and_then_there_was The Beginning of the End

5th August 2007:
ooh naughty remus and lily. i can't believe it. also i can't believe you ended the chapter there!!
update soon!

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Review #13, by mioneronweasly The Beginning of the End

30th June 2007:
that was really soo mad at lupin if i was harry i would never talk to him again!!! pleasee update soon..ohh and if you like hermione/ ron stories i hav one called Because I Love...very good pleasee update soon!

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Review #14, by mandymallason The Beginning of the End

28th June 2007:
Good chapter. You've got me incredibly intrigued at what will happen. Keep up the good work!

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Review #15, by Ballet Dancer The Beginning of the End

17th June 2007:

please update sooner

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Review #16, by RomTimberWolf The Beginning of the End

27th May 2007:
Woah! Woah! You can't LEAVE me there!

PLEASE update soon! I'm dying to know what James does!!!

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Review #17, by delta The Beginning of the End

26th May 2007:
Wow. Wonderful chapter. I'd never have imagined Lily and Remus would act like that, but you've definitely brought it to light vividly. I can only imagine at the Ministry's distress and Harry's eventual reaction to Remus when he meets him in real life again. Anyways, amazing chapter as always. I can't wait for the next one. :D

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Review #18, by lilyfan06 The Beginning of the End

24th May 2007:
Oh My God!!! Amazing Chapter! Absolutely Loved It! Nice little tid-bit about the dates not matching up...I think I know what's coming, so PLEASE update soon so I can see if I'm right.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your review!

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Review #19, by super Granger The Beginning of the End

24th May 2007:

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #20, by SereneChaos The Beginning of the End

24th May 2007:
Ahhh, she's going to break it off with Lupin isn't she? I love your story, and I'm thrilled at the update. :)
Can't wait to see what happens next! *hint, hint*

Author's Response: We'll see. This is supposed to be a story of how Lily and James got together so Lily and Lupin can't exactly run off together. Thank you for the review!

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Review #21, by _heavensent_ The Beginning of the End

24th May 2007:
OMG! How could Lily do that to James? I'm getting so mad at her, I was practically yelling at my computer screen! Anywayz... very eloquently written. I love you're writing... you're very talented. Keep up the great work ^__^

Author's Response: I think Lily is just lonely because James is never around, but she really does love him. Thank you for the review and your wonderful comments.

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Review #22, by ant122992 The Beginning of the End

24th May 2007:
Augh! This is crazy but amazingly good and a super-original idea. I looove it!

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Review #23, by crookshanks and padfoot The Beginning of the End

24th May 2007:
This story is so well written, but I just can't stand the Remus/Lily situation! Aaah! I guess that's just proof that your writing is so good it persuades me to think like Harry. :) 10/10, can't wait for an update!

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Review #24, by Harry_Potter_Lover Revelations

14th May 2007:
Hey! I read your story and I love it! I don't like the part about Remus liking Lily. That was wrong. Your story is really good. It would be cool if Ron and Hermione were with Harry. As I said I like your story, so please post more soon! 10/10

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Review #25, by Estelle Revelations

26th April 2007:
Oh my god ... I were sure that Lily was knowing something about Voldemort ... But Lily's pregnant ?! I feel that troubles are coming. lol That's cool. But is she pregnant of James ? I hope so ! If she don't, she's in big trouble.

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