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Reading Reviews for Eagle and Serpent
21 Reviews Found

Review #1, by MistyToryRabiyah A Meeting With Death

24th February 2010:
Poor Alannah :(
Very powerful writing x

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Review #2, by MistyToryRabiyah More Questions than Answers

24th February 2010:
I like so far, and WHOOP horsies :D
You made me happy lol
More riding please haha
And btw the last chapter was not rubbish, it was good !! :)

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Review #3, by raven A Meeting With Death

10th October 2006:

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Review #4, by blue snowman A Meeting With Death

2nd October 2006:
good story. why did you abbonandded it ? could you please start it again?

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Review #5, by Prab A Meeting With Death

26th July 2006:
omg this is such a good story. i love it. u should finish it faster cause ima so eager 2 know wat happened. lol. luv ya.

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Review #6, by Mandy A Meeting With Death

29th July 2005:
can't wait for the rest! I hope you post soon.

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Review #7, by Mandy Not the Average Night

29th July 2005:
That was very interesting. I like seeing that more softer side of Snape. You do good work!

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Review #8, by Samhaina A Meeting With Death

7th July 2005:
Oh my, how sad, and strange at the same time. I liked it, its a very interesting story, Please do continue!

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Review #9, by Unknown A Meeting With Death

5th July 2005:
Whoa dude... This is such a great story... Very original ;D... Keep up the great work... Never knew Lucius could be decent man... U do wonders with the story... 4 the luv of Voldemort UPDATE Sooooooon Plzzzzzz....

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Review #10, by true_hermione A Meeting With Death

17th March 2005:
i love this story, please continue writing!! props! ttfn!!!!

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Review #11, by crystalfly A Meeting With Death

21st December 2004:
i love it! i cant wait for # 7

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Review #12, by adrienne A Meeting With Death

19th December 2004:
wow...very dark, but kindof intense...you know, the intense that makes you keep reading, even though its like...dark, lol..sorry bout my ramblings though really good, i liked it a lot! Adrienne

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Review #13, by Sarah Black A Meeting With Death

17th November 2004:
This is a really great dark story. I usually can't stand stories where nasty people turn nice but you did a really good job. KEEP IT UP!!!

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Review #14, by fille_cassee A Meeting With Death

28th July 2004:
Wow. That was quite good, dark, but good. I can't wait to read some more.

Author's Response: hehe, it's supossed to be a bit dark. Thank you. If I can get my act together this century, then the next chapter will be up soon. I've been having issues lately. Thank you, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #15, by Pink_Blondey24 Detention...Again

22nd July 2004:
this is a really great story! i really love how you created alanna, your an awesome writer, update soon ~ * ~ Pink ~ * ~

Author's Response: Thank you very much. Wow, I've been kind of not here recently. I am recovering from major writer's block, and the next chapter(s) should be up soon. Really. I promise. Thank you for your kind words.

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Review #16, by Evil Darkness A Meeting With Death

6th July 2004:
cool story, i love it! i hope u update soon. I never rilly thought Snape would show feelings like tha to a student...bt its good. and i always thought Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs were the quiet, peaceful ones, ah well. i love ur story, plz plz plz update asap!

Author's Response: Thanx for the review. I've always viewed Hufflepuffs as the sort of fruit-cakes of the bunch, and Ravenclaws kind of like Slytherins, only slightly less evil. They are smart and ambitious, but they are less self-serving than the dear old Slytherins. I will update VERY soon! I'm almost done with the next chapter!

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Review #17, by Huggle A Meeting With Death

28th June 2004:
I LOVE it! Keep it up! Update soon PLEEEEEEEEAAAASE!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanx, and I will update soon. :)

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Review #18, by Chelz Not the Average Night

28th June 2004:
It's not rubbish

Author's Response: Well, I thought so, but I'm glad you thought a bit higher of it, and thanx for the kind words.

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Review #19, by Katy Potty and the Weasel

26th June 2004:
very good, i like the witty remarks, plz keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you. The second chapter will be up soon.

Author's Response: I mean third chapter. bigger, now I'm confused.

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Review #20, by Grayson Detention...Again

16th June 2004:
It's really good. I like where it's going. You did a good job not getting OOC, keep it up.

Author's Response: Thanx, that's what I'm aiming for.

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Review #21, by Louise Detention...Again

15th June 2004:
Really good carry on please

Author's Response: Thanx! I plan to. The second chapter will be up shortly.

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