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Review #1, by Lunarclipse Talk to Me

9th May 2011:
I love it I really do hope that you one day decide to continue this story :)

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Review #2, by ditzbabe592 Talk to Me

26th September 2005:
*teer* waaaaaaa! lol hehe i luved it =)!!!!!! continue pleeeeeeeeeez!!!! i beg of you lol!!!! that was awesome!!! made me teerful =(.....update or burnnnnn! =P luv, cass the ditz

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Review #3, by EsScaper Talk to Me

1st February 2005:
Wow that was quite surprising and very good! I like the idea of Snape and Sirius being friends...or at least enemies that repect each other. Their common background would give them that, at least. I hope that this is not the end of this story. I'd be interested in reading more. Esc.

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Review #4, by psychofreak Talk to Me

24th October 2004:
I forgot to leave a review.
Interesting...never really thought people reacted like this...its sort of drawed me into think that, the characters personalities can change...and that everyone has a hidden part about well done. Not something I would read everyday, but a good experience none the less! Peace Out!!

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Review #5, by psychofreak Talk to Me

24th October 2004:
Hi, I'm like so sorry I forgot to come and read your left a review on my story, The Truth Uncovered, and I just thought I come over here and say, "Thanks"! I can see you have many stories, so tell me which one is good! I would love to read it, but I'm pressed on let me know and I'll read it! Thanks for the review, oh...I started my sequel. So you can check on that. Peace Out!!

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind review, i'll check out your story soon. I'm not sure which of my other stories you would like, however.

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Review #6, by poprockzwitch14 Talk to Me

2nd October 2004:
this was actually pretty good. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. I mean, Sirius and Snivellus friends?? But they are secret friends, so I get it now :) At the end though, I don't know because I'm not a boy, but I can't picture boys holding each other and stroking their hair as the other one cries mercilessly into his chest. Hopefully this doesn't become slash. Nice job, keep it up.
Man, I have a problem with leaving short reviews. Well, 10/10, that's what my point was. Toodles!

Author's Response: Um.....*points to the Title of the story* it sorta has two meanings....slash as in knife and slash as in Man/Man.....and i'm not a boy either, but i imagined it fine lol. Thanks for the review though lol

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Review #7, by Taco. Talk to Me

1st October 2004:
Nice! can't wait to see what happens next, ok????

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Review #8, by Beary-berri Talk to Me

29th September 2004:
OMIGOD! ahhhhh i soo love it! i love everything about it!

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Review #9, by Luna_Lovegood Talk to Me

15th July 2004:
Wow...that was actually very good! You should do more stories like these! I see that you like slash! lol anyways great fic!

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Review #10, by Sailor C Talk to Me

26th June 2004:
Another wonderful story, and another story to be added to my favorites! You never cease to amaze me in what you write! Please continue writing this - it's simply incredible! ^_^

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Review #11, by demonicdiva Talk to Me

16th June 2004:
good,the first part was extremely gd choice of wroding and pjrasing excellent..but the last part slight ly happening to fast and unbelievable.maybe u should have added some more conversation between the two?

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Review #12, by Danni Talk to Me

13th June 2004:
another great story! update as soon as u can!

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