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Reading Reviews for Painful Past
23 Reviews Found

Review #1, by jamie portkey's and werewolves

23rd March 2006:
update i love it

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Review #2, by LittleJara portkey's and werewolves

18th March 2006:
I just love the way u write. Its so thrilling. I really hope u update soon ^_^

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Review #3, by voldielocks portkey's and werewolves

22nd February 2006:
Awsome!!!!! Please write more ASAP. Can't wait for more. Leep up the good work.

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Review #4, by LittleJara portkey's and werewolves

5th February 2006:
*yikes* fullmoon...gulp...hope harry survives, and hop u update soon ^^

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Review #5, by Sandra portkey's and werewolves

29th January 2006:
wow this is good, you're really good at writing this chapter. Feel sorry for the dursley. and how cruel is that Snape teleporting Harry 2 be killed by Lupin :( Keep up the good story :) If you're intrested in mine It's called Behind These Lost And Haunted Eyes

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Review #6, by Sandra nightmares..and death eaters!!

29th January 2006:
oooh good chapter

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Review #7, by anakfenty portkey's and werewolves

19th July 2005:
Why the heck did you leave a cliffe . Anyway I love it but please hurry up with the next chapter I want to know what happen to Harry.

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Review #8, by ooooohhhhh... portkey's and werewolves

12th May 2005:
I loved it! pleasssse write more!

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Review #9, by Cutieleon portkey's and werewolves

22nd January 2005:
well i like ur story so u have to update as soon as u can

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Review #10, by centaursh portkey's and werewolves

16th December 2004:
Interesting...very interesting...please update soon..i;m really curious as to what happens next!

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Review #11, by AJ portkey's and werewolves

29th November 2004:
Again I'm going to say this and I'm going to repeat it over and over again until you put up the next chapter and I'm content until it's time for the next chapter! I now will say what I mean to say instead up all this rambling...: "PUT UP THE NEXT CHAPTER DAMMIT!!!!!"

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Review #12, by AJ portkey's and werewolves

28th November 2004:
OMFG!!! PLEASE continue!! I HAVE to read the next chapter!! It's like something that I HAVE to do! Did Lupin take the potion or what!!! Is Harry going to get beaten up or something! I need the next chapter to be up!

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Review #13, by `~Meg`~ portkey's and werewolves

13th June 2004:
Awesome chapter!!! Can't wait to see what happens next!! I'm in suspense!

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Review #14, by Audrey nightmares..and death eaters!!

11th June 2004:
It was great..like nothing I've ever read before and thats a big compliment!

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Review #15, by `~Meg`~ nightmares..and death eaters!!

10th June 2004:
Awesome story, i just hope that Snape isn't evil and is just pretending to be so that Voldemort doesn't suspect him of being a spy, but anyway this is an awesome story and i think that you should continue writing, hopefully you review sone becuase i am diesing to know what happens, it would be nice if you could make your chapters longer, or not thats fine too.

Author's Response: wow! long review..this is what makes writing fun..getting so many reviews!! lol! the nxt chappie has jus been gathering dust..and im planning to complete it to keep my reviewers happy. thanks so much for ur opinions..gd or bad..it's helping to keep me going

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Review #16, by Deadly_sins_Snape nightmares..and death eaters!!

8th June 2004:
well, it was rather interesting, but too fast-paced and the writing needs a little work. Sentence structure needs a little help...but otherwise it was good.

Author's Response: thanks i'll keep that in mind. this fic was put up in a hurry. hope youy enjoyed it anyway,,that's what counts

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Review #17, by scoutwillow nightmares..and death eaters!!

7th June 2004:
well, i liked it

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Review #18, by goddess nightmares..and death eaters!!

7th June 2004:
wow this is way cool write more!! more! more!

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Review #19, by Katie nightmares..and death eaters!!

5th June 2004:
very good please write another chapter!!!

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Review #20, by Kahia nightmares..and death eaters!!

4th June 2004:
Omg.. I want to read more!! lol

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Review #21, by Nixiedark nightmares..and death eaters!!

3rd June 2004:
i can't believe snape would do that! COOL! anway, that waz so good, you described everything clearly, and wonderfully, pleaz update soon, thanks, byezie!

Author's Response: thanxfor the encouragement!! the rest of the updates will be coming up under the penname cleopatra..thanx!

Author's Response: forget what i've written above..i'll b continueing this id

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Review #22, by Lovey nightmares..and death eaters!!

3rd June 2004:
awseome, i love harry and snape, and i love it more when you combine the two!

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Review #23, by big fan nightmares..and death eaters!!

3rd June 2004:
this is way cool rite more pppplllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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