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Review #1, by HartOfARebel Part II: Revolution, Chapter 8: Better Off

7th August 2013:
That is the best song in The Lion King ;)

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Review #2, by HartOfARebel Dipping and Spinning

7th August 2013:
Chapter 6 and I'm only leaving a review now, sorry about that! But your story is really good! I like the way Lily is coming around to James but then as soon as he turns into a prat she goes back to hating him. It's not like she suddenly falls for him out of no where like! I like the way the story is developing, and how you're introducing the war now. Must read on! :)

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Review #3, by mrsgrint The Questioning

17th January 2012:
Loving the scenes with Sirius and Lily! I luv there friendship. U have made me feel so close to the characters! My face is wet with tears! Great job! LOVE IT

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Review #4, by ecentricrainbow Still James Potter

10th November 2011:
thoroughly enjoying thus far. :)

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Review #5, by sachin Epilogue: Lily and James

20th October 2011:
hey buddy ur excellent at last few chapters .just brilliant

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Review #6, by Julia Epilogue: Lily and James

18th September 2011:
This whole thing was brilliant! I literally couldn't stop reading. You're an amazing author. Thank you so much for making a story about Lilly and James that seems believable and stays true to their character. I seriously could rant forever about this, but I'll stick to what you should already know. THis was awesome, and I will most definitely have to read it again.

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Review #7, by Robin Epilogue: Lily and James

14th September 2011:
I loved this story! One of the best L&J story's that I've read!

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Review #8, by nicola Epilogue: Lily and James

13th August 2011:
I just read this whole story in one go, it is awesome! you are such a fantastic writer!

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Review #9, by Hannah Epilogue: Lily and James

30th July 2011:
Thank you, for the whole story, just thank you

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Review #10, by StephTheGryffindor Epilogue: Lily and James

24th June 2011:
Oh my Merlin. I absolutely LOVED this whole story. It was AMAZING. It was very detailed, and I listened to the music for some of the chapters, and listening to it helped me understand that story a lot. It was an amazing story!!


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Review #11, by Rayne Epilogue: Lily and James

24th June 2011:
I declare this to be my most favoritest chappitor!! :D 10/10!

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Review #12, by Rayne Incredible

21st June 2011:
Interesting twist, making Lily a Chaser.. I've seen it a couple times before, but I always picture her completely uninterested in Quidditch, and scared of heights.

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Review #13, by Rayne Part I: Before the War, Chapter 1: Bottled Feelings

21st June 2011:
Love your writing style!! It's FANTASTIC. Your vocabulary is wonderfully refreshing, and your grammar is impeccable!

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Review #14, by LittleMissPrincess Ready to Fly

17th May 2011:
im not even sure if your actually reading this stuff cuz ur wrote the story a long time ago (im assuming) and your probably to tired and lazy to reply to my reviews (im assuming)
and other stuff.
so like, I LOVE THIS STORY! :D
--faithful (pft yeah right) fangirl(:

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Review #15, by LittleMissPrincess Part I: Before the War, Chapter 1: Bottled Feelings

16th May 2011:
love it(:
and i listened it to the song, but it got over when i was like, 1/4 done reading it [ i know, i know i read slow :( ] but yeah, i know imma like the rest of this story :)

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Review #16, by annie Part I: Before the War, Chapter 1: Bottled Feelings

9th April 2011:
that was brill and really true to the characters.

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Review #17, by LongLostLover Epilogue: Lily and James

30th March 2011:
I just spent the past 2 days reading this, and figured it would only be fair to you to tell you that this is my favorite James/Lily fic i have ever read, and you are competing with about 60 other writers when i say that. This story made me smile, and almost brought me to tears it was phenomenal, so never ever stop writing: you are truly gifted.

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Review #18, by ginnypotter242 Epilogue: Lily and James

29th January 2011:
I love how you did the epilouge where Lily was pregnant instead of on Halloween. It's a nice change from all the others. Loved your story. Especially their first kiss-in the rain. So cliche, yet stull so cute. 100/10 :)

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Review #19, by Ciaad Trust Me

27th January 2011:
I really liked it there was an ominous tone about it

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Review #20, by MrsSiriusBlackTheOneAndOnly Still James Potter

3rd December 2010:
i like the story, but there's one thing that's really bugging me. Lily was never on the Quidditch team, seeing as she couldn't fly a broom to save her life, and she was terrified of heights. Harry's Quidditch talent came solely from his father.

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Review #21, by Queen of the Universe Lost Time

28th November 2010:
Oh my goodness, this chapter was wonderful! I was listening to this song called sweet escape by paul cardall- a terribly romantic piece and it fit in so perfectly with the moment that I had tears in my eyes. Gosh I'm a sap. Anyways love this story so much! Great job!

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Review #22, by Lionbane Epilogue: Lily and James

21st November 2010:
Yeah! Awesome story! Er.It was like aWKWaRD when james took lilys virginity away whenn he got bck.

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Review #23, by lionbane Disguises

20th November 2010:
Eew!!! A Slytherin! Why am I named 'Lionbane'? Slytherin fucking sucks!

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Review #24, by harrypotterlover5 Epilogue: Lily and James

15th August 2010:
I thought that this was an amazingly written story. First off, the spelling and grammar isn't perfect, but it is better than any other story I've read so far. Secondly, the plot and all of the facts seem to line up with all of JK's books. Thirdly, I loved all of emotions everyone had. They seemed very real and not too extreme. These emotions were went beyond amazing when you didn't allow Lily to fall for James all at once. Fourthly, even though there was a lot of conflicts in this story, they all revolved around James' and Lily's relationship and all of the conflicts changed their relationship. I could ramble on forever about how amazing this story is. Keep on writing.

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Review #25, by H3LL0. Epilogue: Lily and James

15th August 2010:
You're terrible. You made me CRY. Damn writer girl T.T


(Excuse any hyperactive behavior, as I haven't slept yet. Cough. 11:35am. Cough. BUT YEAH.)

Oh God. I really don't sound professional, do I? Ahem.

Wonderful story, wonderful plotline, wonderful characters, wonderfully realistic - all 'round WONDERFUL!

Okay, sorry. Caffeine's a hoare.

You made me like Sirius more than I did to begin with. THAT'S A FREAKIN' MIRACLE, WOMAN.

..I really hope you are a girl. I don't want to offend you.

Heh. I'm babbling - And, not even about your extremely awesome self.

I hope there's not a character limit on reviews.


So.. now we've established that you're awesome, and I'm high. Your story is incredibly epic. LESS THAN THREE.

Argh, I'm not being professional.. again. I really need to work on that.

Honestly, there was one MAJOR disappointment in this story. Well, "major" may be a little exaggerated. What happened to Snape, eh? I was hoping for him to sneak in for a bit of, "Lets make Lily's life even more confusing!" and a bit of snogging behind tapestries. Heh. Oh well. I'll make something up.

Arrivederci. Sorry to be a - hyperactive - pain in the neck.

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