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Reading Reviews for Memories
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Review #1, by Lucy Morag The Album

22nd August 2007:
please add more chapters! I really like this story!

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Review #2, by Nessa Elendil The Album

3rd September 2006:
you should add more chapters

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Review #3, by Ron The Album

9th May 2005:
That was excellent, full of emotion, angsty. The descriptions were wonderful, and it almost made me cry. Great job.

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Review #4, by Re18kA The Album

17th April 2005:
It wasn't bad but the waas a little cheesy tweak add more and presto boredom is the best time you think *wink*

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Review #5, by Sorceress The Album

1st April 2005:
wow what was good! have remmy kill himself, i'm in an evil mood with all this black and red around me!

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Review #6, by Cor_Leonis The Album

16th January 2005:
This story was rec'd up in the forums, so I thought I'd give it a read--I love Remus. You did very well here--I like how you portrayed Remus and his emotions--liked that you had him recall fond memories through the pictures. I have a story (one-shot) in this same time-period, though my take is a bit different than yours. This was good--you should keep writing!

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Review #7, by WolfChild The Album

7th July 2004:
I liked it. The ending was pretty good. I liked the way you protrayed Lupin's feelings and his realization that he had to take care of Harry. Maybe you could add another chapter with more pictures from their school days. That would be cool.

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Review #8, by kris The Album

29th June 2004:
i guess it was good but you could oh made it longer

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Review #9, by anonymous remus lover The Album

28th May 2004:
This was a good story. I am glad about how detailed it was. I wish it would have been longer but hey noones perfect good job

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Review #10, by Calliope The Album

27th May 2004:
Wonderful! Encore! Bravo! Excellent, bloody excellent! You are truley a gifted writter. Please, I beg you, keep up the good work!

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Review #11, by Joela The Album

27th May 2004:
I can’t breathe, that was out of control…amazingly out of control! I’ve never read a more fantastic Remus one shot, my goodness I can’t breathe. I almost cried about twelve times (okay, twenty to be fair; maybe more). I thank you, and toss my hat off to you, I’ve not read anyone who has really struck me as the way Remus would act/feel/be (I’ve read some good Remus fics, but nothing as real and in character as this). I am trying desperately to find the word to describe this but I can’t find it…because great, wow, amazing, brilliant, perfect don’t even begin to explain how wonderful this piece is. Thank you, just thank you. ~Jo

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Review #12, by harrysgirl The Album

27th May 2004:
ok i liked it iwas sad i have to say but it fits well with the fifth book good job please write more! harrysgirl

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Review #13, by TomFoolery The Album

27th May 2004:
Well, I must confess: it is rather full of angst and pain. I feel that you portrayed Lupin's thoughts well, and there were a few sad moments while he was looking at the photographs. Your ending, there's just something about it. It cuts off into nothing. Maybe if you could stretch it into one more sentence? Just to give it that completed feeling? Oh well, it was good really...

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