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Review #1, by Kira Chocolate Chip Cookies

18th July 2012:
Very funny and lighthearted, but I am confused as to why its written in this format. Its kind of written out like a play...is that how its supposed to be. I think you might want to try flushing it out a bit more so we get more than just the dialogue, and get some description as well. You really have a unique voice when writing, so you should really explore that more, and give the story the time that it needs! Very funny though, I had a good laugh!

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Review #2, by DanielLuver1274 Chocolate Chip Cookies

4th April 2008:
Omg! That was hilarious. Keep writing these funny stories, please.

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Review #3, by chloe Chocolate Chip Cookies

22nd December 2005:
I like the humor. Spellings a bit dodgy though. Is this a one shot or are there more chapters to come?

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Review #4, by Draconia Chocolate Chip Cookies

12th December 2005:
man, i want part of that cookie.... good job!

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Review #5, by Aunt Jemima Chocolate Chip Cookies

26th June 2005:
that reminds me of the half-moon cookie cake my sister had for her birthday!

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Review #6, by pyro Chocolate Chip Cookies

27th May 2005:
this is really good! and also really funny!

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Review #7, by memories325 Chocolate Chip Cookies

14th May 2005:
Ha Ha

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Review #8, by Kerry Chocolate Chip Cookies

12th May 2005:
Lmao :) That was great. Very funny :) Keep writing!

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Review #9, by ss10009 Chocolate Chip Cookies

12th February 2005:
it's cute. and it sounds sooooooo delicious lol. i'll have to make a cookie-cake...or try...but if sirius and james can do it. so can i! lol

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Review #10, by Born_Quidditch_Player18 Chocolate Chip Cookies

25th November 2004:
lol. thats hilariouse!

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Review #11, by Stray Chocolate Chip Cookies

24th September 2004:

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Review #12, by *scabbers* Chocolate Chip Cookies

29th May 2004:
Crazy. Insane. but funny! haha nice job!

Author's Response: I'm the sane one among my friends, believe it or not. Most of them are at least twice as crazy as me. Anyways thanks for the nice review.

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Review #13, by MelissaMoony Chocolate Chip Cookies

27th May 2004:
That was cute, only bad thing was it made me want cookies...

Author's Response: Yeah, I made biscuits after I wrote it. They were shaped as dog bones. Go figure.

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Review #14, by kaitie Chocolate Chip Cookies

27th May 2004:
cute! write other stories! great job! :)

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #15, by Windforce Chocolate Chip Cookies

26th May 2004:
Well you sure was bored! but I liked your story:) when will be the next chapter?

Author's Response: Thanks, well it was Saturday afternoon and I just finished baking. I really didn't have anything better to do. Ooops! I just typed it on Notepad and pasted it onto one chapter. I guess I should have divided the story into chapters.

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Review #16, by Phoenix_Girl13 Chocolate Chip Cookies

25th May 2004:
hehehehahaha I love this very Sirius and JAmes

Author's Response: Thank you. Sirius is one of my favorite characters. There's another funny story by AmyPadfootLupin about the Marauders, mainly Sirius and James. It's called 'In the Chatroom'

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Review #17, by MystMarie Chocolate Chip Cookies

24th May 2004:
Cute! :D Those cookies sound yummy!!!!!!! Wish I could have been there to help!

Author's Response: Thanks. They sound good but I don't think I could handle that much sugar and chocolate chips though!

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Review #18, by Miss Liberty Chocolate Chip Cookies

24th May 2004:
great! i love it when they make stories about sirius and james, there are hilarious!

Author's Response: The Marauders are halarious. Its allways easy to have them say something stupid or funny. Thanks for the good review!

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