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Review #1, by disgirl0 Plato's Eternity

26th June 2009:
wow!! i read this a long time ago, probably in 04 wen my frewn wrote it down and gave it to me to read...and i never got to review because i couldnt find it...but i have finally found it!! i loved it...very touching and this story was the first fanfic i ever made me love reading fanfic!! i read it more than i do regular books...hahaa..anyways, nice job on this...

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Review #2, by MoonyandProngs Plato's Eternity

5th June 2008:
That was so great, but so sad and I loved it. Great work!

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Review #3, by siriushpfan Plato's Eternity

13th March 2007:
i have to say your platonic love concept was intriguing! im impressed how you can explain the nature of their relationship and elevate it beyond just friends.

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Review #4, by Liisi Plato's Eternity

5th January 2005:
it was so sad even without the music

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Review #5, by allusenhpfan Plato's Eternity

20th September 2004:
I highly doubt that a wizard would die from something, but all in all, this was a good read. ^_^

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Review #6, by Jessica Plato's Eternity

16th August 2004:
absolutly amazing. after reading MLV I read this and you had me crying great job :-)

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Review #7, by Lauren Plato's Eternity

20th June 2004:
Wow, thank you. Most of my friends are all R->Hr or G->H, so this is such a nice piece to read after promising them I'd read their stories. *sigh* I love it, honestly. I hate the word platonic, though, because it's so damn controversial! You made me love the word. Kudos to you. =) *hugs Harry and Hermione* ps: are you a writer on Portkey? I am. My pen-name is Tic-Tac. Hope to see you around!

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Review #8, by nat Plato's Eternity

5th June 2004:
omg that was depressing. i had a bit of a bad night last night so i was already slightly upset when i read this! it was touching, i seriously nearly cried! keep it up.

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Review #9, by Emilybabe Plato's Eternity

31st May 2004:
I started to cry. No, really, I did.

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Review #10, by NeoChick Plato's Eternity

25th May 2004:
WOW!!! That was a very interesting story maybe even powerful. Hope to read more of you stories soon. From a fan: NeoChick P.S: HARRY+HERMIONE FOREVER

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Review #11, by MelissaMoony Plato's Eternity

21st May 2004:
I liked it even though it was very sad. Great job!

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Review #12, by knifgrlord Plato's Eternity

20th May 2004:
i think your a great writer but i'll read the rest of your storys an other day so i can remeber this. this was better than great but i cant think of a word for it. ;-) knightlord will be watching,

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Review #13, by hagridrocks2887 Plato's Eternity

19th May 2004: dark.....made me all depressed and sad...but pretty well written....nice work....i wonder if ud continue the harry as a ghost idea u started at the end...i dunno might eb corny but the way u did ti was cool

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