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Review #1, by Ashi_xxx And At the End...

13th March 2010:
haha brilliant and very original! loved it!

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Review #2, by starlightxxmasochist And At the End...

25th July 2009:
Wow. I think I actually feel sad. For Voldemort.


Great job! A very interesting way to see the Dark Lord's POV.

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Review #3, by VoxGaudialis And At the End...

26th May 2009:
Voldemort with self-awareness. Neat. :) I'd be interested to see a post-DH verion of this.

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Review #4, by AussieAnatomy627 And At the End...

27th November 2008:
LOL that was so cute!

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Review #5, by Florence_Felicity_Dumbledore And At the End...

31st August 2007:
HaHaHa Wicked! Love it. :D My favourite bit:

"I know that I probably should care that my life’s work is going up in proverbial smoke, but I don’t. Isn’t that funny? Yes, yes, hilarious. Just hysterical. Excuse me while I vomit. Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot that I don’t have a digestive system anymore, so I can’t vomit."

Lmaoo x

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Review #6, by Nyx And At the End...

8th February 2006:
I love it! Inside the mind of an *Evil* Dark Lord, very interesting.

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Review #7, by hi_its_me And At the End...

13th March 2005:
that, my friend is what you call a great story. ;-)

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Review #8, by Brittany And At the End...

13th August 2003:
really great!!!

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Review #9, by Mornel And At the End...

26th July 2003:
It was really good. How he almost regretted things. However, I don\'t think Voldemort would go down that easily without a fight, he has too much pride to just lay down and die.

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Review #10, by jennasis And At the End...

13th July 2003:
WOW. And again I say WOW. This is very well written, with a very good ending. very nicely done. I enjoyed it throughly. :)

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Review #11, by mrs.d.malfoy And At the End...

27th June 2003:
good story talk about a brotha with ISSUES! wonder how harry felt

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Review #12, by SilverMirror And At the End...

11th June 2003:
This is great! Really great! :)

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Review #13, by wolf And At the End...

20th May 2003:
Ha ha.....but AMAZINGLY WRITTEN! I\'m a writer myself, just not here, \'cause the stupid cookies are mean to me.....But, man, that was good. And I thought Voldemort\'s monologue was cool....It\'s almost like he\'s teaching Harry to say the Killing Curse. And I\'m a very big Lord Idiot disliker....KEEP WRITNG!!!!! I\'M STILL IN AWE.

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Review #14, by wolf And At the End...

20th May 2003:
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why was this rated PG? There\'s nothing wrong, except for a ranting Lord Idiot.....going on and onm like some insane git..... Sorry, Slytherins, had to say it! Then again, maybe I\'m not so sorry! :) *WOLF*

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Review #15, by Crystal And At the End...

1st March 2003:

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Review #16, by The Great Kelly The Great And At the End...

31st October 2002:
Good fic! I really did enjoy it, and the Humourous and Cynical!Voldemort was a nice twist. I've never seen that before. But even in between his sracastic comments (many of which are uncannily like things that have coume out of MY mouth), he had a sense of insight. "I wonder if there are blue skies in hell?" and other comments show that. Your portrayel of him is good! Your attention to detail is wonderful and this is an overall wonderful fic. I will remember this fic. Starlit Skies and Sunkissed days, Kelly

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