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Review #1, by Jake? no name needed...

20th March 2005:
Sorry I get it now! There is no Harry in this story!....My brain hurts

Author's Response: Indeed, the characters in this story are those used in my other stories. Go check 'em out, I may even come back and continue those that are uncompleted.

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Review #2, by Jake? no name needed...

20th March 2005:

Author's Response: Yes Jake, he is the younger brother to John Jackson.

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Review #3, by o0o_MoonyGirl_o0o no name needed...

26th November 2004:
This was definately interesting! I realy enjoy your writing style, it kept my attention the whoel time and I nearly missed a phone call trying to finish before I had to get up!

Author's Response: Well thank you. I enjoy my writing style as well. If you liked this (and I think you did) you should read some of my other stories. The characters in this are my OCs from my other stories. Thanks for the review.

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Review #4, by Kaitlyn Longbottom no name needed...

30th July 2004:
WOW! Right to the action, no stopping you. Fabulous! sad but great. if that makes sense

Author's Response: Hey thanks. I like to write the action scenes mostly. This was originally just a random fight, but as I progressed I saw other possibilities that could be explored. And you should read Redemption and Love only goes so far then you'll have a back story to this. The characters I used were OC's from my other work. Thanks for the review.

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Review #5, by ladedada no name needed...

24th May 2004:
u said that "this is it" right? but y dont u add more i think it will add to this it is extremley short, but you should add more because everything happens in a little period of time making it overwhelming to the reader of your story, if you add on it will make it less tense on the brain and probably more easier to understand, even like a short chapter like that would be cool , so please i beg of you MAKE A NEXT CHAPTER im sure it will add to your wonderful writing ability! *ladedada*

Author's Response: Yeah this is it. I might write a whole story based on this thing but I'm not sure. I know that everything happens really quickly but that was the intent, just a one chappy story about a fight, it started as just a random fight scene that I wanted to write, then I threw in the names, I wasn't at first but I did... Maybe I'll write another chapter, but if I do it'll have to wait till I if not finish my other two, then at least get further along. Thanks for the compliments and the review!

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Review #6, by the downfall of the rising no name needed...

24th May 2004:
very depressing and i like it full of tears and action keep on going, at first i thought that it was Harry but it wasnt lol but n e way i love it keep going and thanx for reading my story did u read chapter 2? ~*~Valerie~*~

Author's Response: Yeah I know it was depressing... I mean I did kill one of my OCs... That was a really hard thing to do. As for not revealing the identity, I got the idea from another story I read on another site where Harry got kissed by a Dementor but you didn't know who it was until the end, it was quite sad, so I figured I'd try and do something like that. As for your story I'll check chapter 2 when I'm done this. Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by demongurl no name needed...

22nd May 2004:
hehe, sorry, was feeling wierd then, you killed him!! that was totally not fair, but i liked how you brought Jake into it. I loved him in your other stories

Author's Response: I know, but everyone has to die sometime... I guess it was his time. Like I said, I'm not sure if this will impact any of my other stories, if it does then it won't be until the very end of something... Thanks.

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Review #8, by Demongurl no name needed...

21st May 2004:
I would just like to say....i'm shocked, i finally get round to finishing off this chapter and it turns out u....i'm very disappointed in you Joda! but good job.

Author's Response: Turns out me what? What'd I do? I didn't do it... All I did was write a battle scene then threw in a totally random twist... If this were "canon" (to my stories) then it wouldn't happen for a while... it won't affect my other stories... but what'd I do? Thanks for the review... I guess... *so confused...*

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Review #9, by demongurl no name needed...

19th May 2004:
Read half of it so far. I gotta go to band practice now i'll read the rest a bit later when i come back, really good so far. I like how you haven't actually said his name at hte beginning

Author's Response: Band practice eh? Cool cool. Thanks for the review, enjoy the rest!

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