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Review #1, by Wicked Vixen Summer Thoughts

13th May 2005:
Whoa Kit, you go girl! I love the way you manage to bring out everything out of harry so .... effortlessly. Humor, anger...whatever. Anyways who the new girl? Can't wait for u too finish!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I decided to bring a new character in b/c I felt someone was lacking in the character department of the otherwise great characters from Harry Potter. You'll see what I mean soon enough! -Kit

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Review #2, by Hilary Summer Thoughts

23rd November 2004:
Great job! This dotry is written really well and I like it alot. Please update soon!!!!!

Author's Response: Ok I know I havn't written in a long long time but I am working on a new chapter that should be out in the next few weeks. Look for it soon and thanks for the review. -Kit

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Review #3, by mandymallason Daigon Ally

6th August 2004:
This story is progressing great. I like the way it is going. Keep up the good work, and update soon!

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Review #4, by RavenGryffendor Summer Thoughts

27th May 2004:
you didn't get off to a bad start. you have the makings of a nice story because you do well with some description. keep up the good work and good luck.

Author's Response: Thanks! I really appreciate your review.

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Review #5, by mandymallason Summer Thoughts

23rd May 2004:
I really liked this first chapter. The cliffy at the end was mean, but it definitely wanted me to come back and read the second chapter. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. I know the cliffy was mean and what I think I am going to do is redo the first chapter to make it longer and more detail and then I will do the next chapter. Sry for the wait. Please continue to read this story though as I have alot of ideas i think would be interesting... ;)

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Review #6, by Nicole Summer Thoughts

22nd May 2004:
I believe that this story has the characteristics in it that bring and ordinary story to life. It made me imagine what was going on and at the end left me wanting to hear more. It was very discriptive and as i read it I felt like I as a part of the story and that I was actually there with Harry. Even though it was short, i enjoyed reading it and hope to read more work from Kittles16. I really liked this passage. I am proud to think that someone my age could write work like this. A Very Pround Reader, Nicole T.

Author's Response: You are so nice to say that. I'm also glad you are a pround reader. Don't worry I make spelling mistakes all the time. lol I think I will definetly continue this story as I have gotton all positive responses. I may also redo the first chapter so it is longer and more detailed. Thnaks for the review Nicole.

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Review #7, by Lexie Summer Thoughts

21st May 2004:
WOW kit!!! I LOVED IT. You are a reallly good writer. I need to show that to Emma and Cecelia because they are obsessed w/ Harry Potter. Anyway it was fabulous!! Luv ya Lex

Author's Response: Hey Lex. You are so sweet. To everyone else that is like my best friend so her review may be a bit biased. haha

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Review #8, by Michelle Summer Thoughts

20th May 2004:
Hey! I loved this chapter sooo much. You are a great writer. Please please continue it. It has definetly started off great but you're right it is way too short. Update soon please!

Author's Response: Thank you for the compliment. I will really try to make it longer next time. I just wanted to see what people thought of my writing style before putting alot of time into it.

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