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Review #1, by Armani&GucchiGirl I Love This Bar

17th November 2010:
That's cool. I'm gonna try to make a YouTube video of that.

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Review #2, by jrchalut I Love This Bar

1st March 2010:
That was great!!! I love it!

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Review #3, by evans_4eva I Love This Bar

23rd February 2010:
hahaha brilliant! that's so funny

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Review #4, by whisky I Love This Bar

20th July 2009:
Snape thinks about the blow-up doll he has in his potion cabinet.
my fave part this is hilarious and scandalous

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Review #5, by I_LOVE_love I Love This Bar

16th February 2009:
haHA! I'm a country aficionado myself (I love the music), and I personally love that song, and your fic!! That was pure hilarity! You had me rotflmao so badly!!! Especially when the line: "Snape thinks about the blow-up doll he has in his potion cabinet." came up...sooo funny!! Plus that line reminded me of the music video for the song 'Brand New Girlfriend' by Steve Holy (which is hahahahalarious btw, so if you've never seen it you HAVE to check it out! :) and that made me laugh even harder! It was great!!!

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Review #6, by jennie853 I Love This Bar

22nd April 2008:
Wonderful songfic. I don't usually read them but I do love that song (it's hilarious) and when I started reading I couldn't stop giggling like a hormonal teenage girl high off sweets!
The images are ingrained in my mind:
Minerva's cigs and panties, Snape's blow up doll, drunken Dumbledore, trucker Malfoy just to name a few. Oh how I do love this one.
And how I love their bars! lol

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Review #7, by dobbysgirl I Love This Bar

6th April 2008:
That is easily the most humorous and funniest songfic. I've ever read. Also the most well-done. Fantastic!!

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Review #8, by henryjones I Love This Bar

1st March 2008:
hahaha!!! i LOVED this. i was laughing out loud. i think my favorite line (although i did like most of it) was the blow up doll in snapes potions closet. hehehe. i think i didnt understand it all though i dont think. where i come from, the bars are pretty different than the ones in nashville it seems. ;) thank you for making me laugh!

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Review #9, by Celestria Aramanth I Love This Bar

9th February 2008:
Bahaha! Man, when I sign in, this is going on my favs!!

It's really good!


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Review #10, by jointhedarksidewehavecookies I Love This Bar

4th February 2008:
that made me laugh so much i fell of the chair! hhahahahhaa. OMFG..
amazing work! 10/10

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Review #11, by angelbittertears I Love This Bar

3rd February 2008:
I don't quite get it...

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Review #12, by shadowkitty22 I Love This Bar

10th November 2007:
That was oddly entertaining and created many disturbing images. McGonagall in pink undies, Lucius as a trucker, Snape's blow up doll and Molly in a short skirt are amongst the ones that I can remember off the top of my head at this time.


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Review #13, by igobumpinthedark I Love This Bar

18th September 2007:
hehehehehe, love it! Great visuals!

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Review #14, by marina39520 I Love This Bar

16th September 2007:
blow up doll in his potion cabinet! lol gotta love it!!!

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Review #15, by ronswife34 I Love This Bar

6th September 2007:
interesting hahaha

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Review #16, by HauntedLyra22 I Love This Bar

15th August 2007: was totally...mental!!! wow was brilliant tho i love reading something completely out there and crazy!!
rock on

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Review #17, by Amber I Love This Bar

28th July 2007:
I like my girlfriend,
Snape thinks about the blow-up doll he has in his potion cabinet.

OMG. That made me bust up laughing!! This was really good and funny. Great job :D 10/10

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Review #18, by Harrys_angel_23 I Love This Bar

27th June 2007:
I'm an Aussie chick and I know this song fairy well. But for some reason I just can't picture a blow up doll in Snape's cabinet... Hahaha!! This was hilarious! Great stuff Raven.

Tameka xx

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Review #19, by Ms Fred Weasley I Love This Bar

24th June 2007:
OMG!!! On the Forum, when TT said you did this song as a fan fiction, I knew I had to read it... OMG, I just laughed my butt off... That was great!! Minnie smoking and pink um underwear... Sound like something out of Sirius fansty...LOL!

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Review #20, by joojoo I Love This Bar

17th May 2007:
"He’s followed by Lucius Malfoy. Since his escape from Azakaban he’s taken on the occupation of truck driving. He’s wearing a dirty ball cap and a pair of wrangles."

"Madame Hooch is in the corner dancing with the pole. “I knew I had a future in dancing,” she said happily. Mundungus stared at her with a hand full of money."

Hilarious! I love those quotes! This is a work of art - so random and original - I love it all! Great job on this!

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Review #21, by kaylormonkey I Love This Bar

11th May 2007:

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Review #22, by Voldie78 I Love This Bar

27th April 2007:
Hilarius Dumbkedore drunk?!? awesome

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Review #23, by RoN WeAsLeY Is HoT I Love This Bar

23rd April 2007:
well that was interesting

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Review #24, by Rebel_Dream I Love This Bar

17th April 2007:
Amazing one shot.

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Review #25, by dolphindreamer20225 I Love This Bar

29th March 2007:
Snape has a blow-up doll in his potions cabinet! That's so funny!!! This is a very amusing story to say the least. :)

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