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Reading Reviews for His Grey Eyes
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Review #1, by Snickers His Grey Eyes

28th June 2005:
SLASH I didnt read but SLASH!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #2, by an_ode to no one His Grey Eyes

26th May 2004:
i absolutely loved this story. at first i thought i would get broed with it because it was so long, but it just sucked me right in and before i knew it, it was over. it would be awesome if there was another chapter ; )

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Review #3, by Slytheringirl628 His Grey Eyes

27th February 2004:
write more that was awsome

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Review #4, by Riley Rose His Grey Eyes

17th January 2004:
That Is Good, It Is Very Different And Unique.... But Good None The Less. You Are A Creative Writer, Dont Let Anyone Discourage You. Keep Up The Good Work.

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Review #5, by Novkalwen His Grey Eyes

29th August 2003:
That was incredible. You have the most amazing talent and the use of words to describe the most suttle things is astronomical. You are an amazing writer. I would be honoured if you took a look at my story, Dying to Live, if you get the chance.

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Review #6, by MrsRemusLupin His Grey Eyes

27th August 2003:
Wow! That\'s my word for you, wow!!! It was jsut amasing. I don\'t usually get caught up in reading things like this (not slash, that\'s ok by me, but things that are so vivid in one romance sense, you know?). But something about your\'s kept me in and i have NO idea what it was. I saw you story and even by the small title and small summery i some how knew it was good, don\'t ask me why. I also heard from Darkwriter, she told me you were a wonderful writer. Well that much is obvious!!! And you deserve more then a word or two for you reviews!!!! I abosoutltly LOVE it, especially the twist at the end, in fact i like it so much, you know what i\'m going to do? lol. I\'ll put it as one of my recommened its so good! I don\'t know how you did it, but you did lol. It\'s so much hard in writing to capture a pure emotion and to make the reader feel that way then it is in say... a movie. In a movie they had loud music or something or the sort, but you can only use words in writing. And that proves a great achivment if you can make it good! Sorry for the long reivew, but i really enjoyed it. You just MUST reivew one of my stories (i don\'t really care which one, maybe an older one even???0 Maybe you could give me a few pointers about how to improve, even if i can\'t get to your level yet?? Hopefully lol! Writes a GREAT passion for me, but i just can\'t seem to get it just write, i\'m better at poetry writing, so it\'s kind of hard to transition. Anyway WONDERFUL story! - *Nat!

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Review #7, by Forgotten His Grey Eyes

26th August 2003:
At first I found myself thinking this was one of the fics in which for no good reason they become a couple, but the twist at the end thrilled me. Bravo, I didn\'t see it coming and enjoyed it

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Review #8, by forsakenphoenix His Grey Eyes

26th August 2003:
Wow--this is absolutely stunning. I don\'t really like slash fics but I must compliment you on this one. Bravo.

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Review #9, by Darkwriter His Grey Eyes

26th August 2003:
I normally don\'t read slash, I have not a clue why this one peaked my interest. But I have to say, you have some of the best prose for writing I\'ve seen. Very vivid imagery, which is very good. Now has for the slash part, I really didn\'t like that, but that\'s me. But I\'m not going to read something, and not review it. Your writing is beautiful.

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