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Review #1, by andrea Hold On

14th January 2005:

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Review #2, by mws Hold On

9th January 2005:
i love good charlotte 2. they kick ass harder than any band i no. (well, not really) but their music is betta than any1 else's i've eva heard.

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Review #3, by Drinkingstraws Hold On

3rd December 2004:
The boys are a little too femine. How did Draco know to follow Harry? Since when does he start to care? (No sarcasm intended in the interpretation. Just asking.)

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Review #4, by gckicksmajorass Hold On

26th July 2004:
again i'm really sorry! but pixie is rite, and that Harry Slotter guy is just a dick! hehe!

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Review #5, by mrsharrypotter Hold On

17th July 2004:
I want to thank everyone who has reviewed my stories, even the flamers. I'm currently working on the next chapter of the story, what happens the next morning.

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Review #6, by gckicksmajorass Hold On

17th July 2004:
not u I wuz agreeing with pixie! sorry 4 the misunderstanding!

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Review #7, by gckicksmajorass Hold On

16th July 2004:
hey Harry Slotter! y don't u shut ur ass up! a lot of people have gon through depressin and almost suicide. u have no idea how it feels! hell i'm 13 and have gone through depression. i used 2 slit ma wrists and everything! so 4 words shut-the-fu*k-up! GC ROX! joel is sexy!

Author's Response: Why should I shut up? I've gone through depression too, I know what it feels like to want to commit suicide. It took alot of work from my friends, family, boyfriend, and counselor but I'm getting better.

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Review #8, by Eric Hold On

29th June 2004:
I think you should definitely continue this story. It'd got a lot going for it. I've read a few fic where Draco helps Harry, but it's not a slash. They're just friends. It's different and i like different. I say, keep it going

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Review #9, by kaylee Hold On

13th June 2004:
plz write more!!!!!!---i gotta see where this goes

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Review #10, by lizzya Hold On

30th May 2004:
This was so good!!! You should write another chapter or something!!!

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Review #11, by Cassie Hold On

22nd May 2004:
It may be discusting but please continue

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Review #12, by pixi Hold On

20th May 2004:
censored that guy hu said it was distgusting i think its amazing, please continue it!

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