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Review #1, by Yemi Hikari Hold On

20th September 2013:
I'm actually glad that this story didn't get completed. As another reviewer pointed out, the boy's are acting way to feminine to their canon selves. Mind you, I get the writer has gone through depression and has even thought about suicide... saw that in one of the review replies. Problem is its the writer's feelings in this story and not those of the characters. Harry... yes, he's grieving, but that's not always a trigger for depression and suicidal thoughts. Then Draco's being friends with Harry, even having contact with him despite the fact they don't have good relationship in school and have little to no contact outside of classes and Quiditch. Yeah... not believable. Sorry, but it isn't.

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Review #2, by andrea Hold On

14th January 2005:

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Review #3, by mws Hold On

9th January 2005:
i love good charlotte 2. they kick ass harder than any band i no. (well, not really) but their music is betta than any1 else's i've eva heard.

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Review #4, by Drinkingstraws Hold On

3rd December 2004:
The boys are a little too femine. How did Draco know to follow Harry? Since when does he start to care? (No sarcasm intended in the interpretation. Just asking.)

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Review #5, by gckicksmajorass Hold On

26th July 2004:
again i'm really sorry! but pixie is rite, and that Harry Slotter guy is just a dick! hehe!

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Review #6, by mrsharrypotter Hold On

17th July 2004:
I want to thank everyone who has reviewed my stories, even the flamers. I'm currently working on the next chapter of the story, what happens the next morning.

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Review #7, by gckicksmajorass Hold On

17th July 2004:
not u I wuz agreeing with pixie! sorry 4 the misunderstanding!

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Review #8, by gckicksmajorass Hold On

16th July 2004:
hey Harry Slotter! y don't u shut ur ass up! a lot of people have gon through depressin and almost suicide. u have no idea how it feels! hell i'm 13 and have gone through depression. i used 2 slit ma wrists and everything! so 4 words shut-the-fu*k-up! GC ROX! joel is sexy!

Author's Response: Why should I shut up? I've gone through depression too, I know what it feels like to want to commit suicide. It took alot of work from my friends, family, boyfriend, and counselor but I'm getting better.

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Review #9, by Eric Hold On

29th June 2004:
I think you should definitely continue this story. It'd got a lot going for it. I've read a few fic where Draco helps Harry, but it's not a slash. They're just friends. It's different and i like different. I say, keep it going

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Review #10, by kaylee Hold On

13th June 2004:
plz write more!!!!!!---i gotta see where this goes

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Review #11, by lizzya Hold On

30th May 2004:
This was so good!!! You should write another chapter or something!!!

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Review #12, by Cassie Hold On

22nd May 2004:
It may be discusting but please continue

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Review #13, by pixi Hold On

20th May 2004:
censored that guy hu said it was distgusting i think its amazing, please continue it!

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